Books!! Books!! The new goldmine that needs to be explored

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Hi people, for a long time now I have been wondering and actually the difference between the rich and the poor. So I started doing some research. I started out by looking for books, videos, podcast and so many other things . Out of the many things I discovered, I started out with one of them which was reading books. oldbooks436498_1280.jpg The rich read books a lot. While browsing on one of my days of research I saw a write up which revealed that Bill Gates who happens to be one of the giants of our world reads at least one book per week . I decided that I will start reading books. So I started out with top books to read that can help you become rich. The list of books I gathered include

  1. Rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki
  2. Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  3. The Success system
  4. The intelligent investor
  5. Essays of Warren Buffett

After searching for books on increasing my net worth and listening to various podcast and videos, I discovered that before you can become rich you need to work on your self which made me to look for books on self development and I saw some books;

  1. Rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki
  2. Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
  3. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

So I will be dropping things I learnt from each book I read here so stay tuned and get wisdom of various people from books.
Thank you for reading..