Tree of Hope

in #writing3 months ago

Putting up a Christmas Tree is no doubt a family tradition practiced everywhere in the world.

Truth be told, I used to be too lazy to help my mother with our Christmas tree when I was younger. I remember asking her why we have to put it up when we have to take it down a few weeks later.

Realization sunk in when I had my own family. Christmas trees are bearers of hope, bringers of joy, and lighters of dim places. I can’t put into words how happy my kids get every year when it’s time to put up the tree.

When they see me with the bag of decors, they grab their pen and paper and start scribbling their letters to Santa. They have been fond of sticking their notes to the tree in hopes Santa would read them.


This is our Christmas Tree this year. Notice how we filled it with snowflakes. In this tropical country I live in, our family can only dream of icicles for now. Post pandemic, we’ll be sure to catch them in winter. My daughter loves it. I can tell by her smile.

If only this chunky creature won’t knock it down.