See how to handle these 3 Stages Of Failure

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Today, I will be talking about the three (3) types of failure in life and how you can handle them.

It's difficult for us to often to identifying why we fail in some certain aspects of our lives, what is more, difficult is finding a suitable solution to it. Nevertheless, perseverance is key in achieving a success filled life, I'll say that any individual that is not allergic to learning a new skill, success in business or enjoy an amazing marriage and then "staying with it" must have to persevere like Nigerians say "Everyday no be Christmas", every day won't always be sunny, some days will be to you as the most annoying day of your life.

On the contrary, I don't like to be negative but I think it's a very bad idea to advise someone to "never give up" when you can see that the individual has hit rock bottom and things are not really doing well. There is only one advice that can be given to such a person restrategize. Believe me, people we see that have succeeded give up many times, but what makes them prevail is that they are smart enough to know that staying on that rock bottom is not an option and all they need to do is restrategize. Just when you see that your project is navigating towards the wrong direction, you pivot, you adjust, I think it is more appropriate to say "They quit". It is insane to keep trying a failed pattern and funnily expecting a different outcome.

Life requires us to know when to "quit" and know when we actually need to move on. This is what we want to achieve through this post, so stay with me.

There are 3 stages of failure listed here in no particular order.

Stage 1

This failure occurs as a result of repetition of strategy. When an individual keeps repeating a particular trick that doesn't give you a positive outcome. You know what You want to achieve, and your main aim of achieving that. But using the wrong pattern/strategy will sure make that not to happen.

It's not possible to make the same mistake twice, because the second time you make it, it's no longer a mistake, it's a choice out of your free will.

Stage 2

These particular mistakes happen when you fail to establish vigorous or strong systems, that is, when you are careless about the details you should pay more attention to, then you get lazy with critical details you have to put into work.

Developing a game plan is very important if you want to succeed in business or stay on track if you want to continue closing deals that will increase profits and revenue. For instance, working for a sales-based company requires you to generate your own customers. Working independently and primarily away from the office can be challenging especially with maintaining your momentum. Whether you have a game plan for every day, week, month or year, ensure you stick to it to achieve good results.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Stage 3

This failure occurs when an individual or firm don't set a clear direction for achieving their set goal. In order to be fulfilled, You have to follow a vision that fulfils you.

In as much as leaders try to articulate a vision, only a few actually live the vision daily. However, a leader who lives and breathes the vision of an organization inspires everyone to an increased performance every day.

These are the 3 stages of failure, I hope that this post will help you navigate the decision of when to continue with a particular pattern of trick and when to quit, it may not be perfect but I sincerely hope you find it useful. I will be posting on how to tackle this problem.

Visualize the process; What does it look like? Don’t be afraid of being silly or thinking of ideas that are completely out of the box, in the end, these concepts could hold the answers you seek. Often times, creativity can be stifled especially when office environments seem too “stuffy”. Have an employee in-house party. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

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