Leon while running to the orientation and his survival ability.

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One cloudy day, Leon took part in a orienteering race. All the time he was sure of his victory. Prepared like no one else, his confidence, strength and knowledge aroused his motivation. However, the overshadowed target and with its full conviction he was proud to be on the road, until a storm surprised him at some point, where calmly in times of high technology and information flow he could even take an interest in the weather forecast while preparing for the downpour.

Once and for all, lightning bolts and thunders' voices made their way. Fear and fear of a storm in the forest at the edge of the mountains became more and more overwhelming to his mind, with every hit he began to lose his orientation in the field. After two hours Leon did not know his location anymore, he only saw the surrounding forest and the tops of the mountains emerging behind the branches of trees plus this cursed rain.
He realized that time did not work for him, and that his situation did not mean that he would return home quickly.
As it was already autumn, the evenings were cool, the darkness fell quickly, and the place it was in was far from any civilization, as he thought. His first thoughts aroused anger and disbelief, but they also activated his survival instinct with consciousness and the voice he spoke of.

you will have to spend the night overnight.
He was lucky enough. He prepared himself a little for such a situation. Thanks to his interest in survival, he knew that he should have at his disposal the basic tools to facilitate his survival when going into the wilderness of nature. He took off his backpack, took out a piece of chocolate, a knife and a knife, a battery-operated torch, a multifunctional scarf, a bottle of water, matches and a flint. After pulling everything out, he looked more and more nervous into every corner of his backpack, buried in his pockets and could not find the most important thing.

-Compass !- screamed Leon
-Where is it?-He was constantly asking himself this question.

It was a hope for a quick return home, unfortunately the compass had to go somewhere along the way. Trying not to waste too much time thinking, he collected all the things back to his rucksack, except the scarf he put on his head and the knife equipped with teeth.

In order to survive the night, he began preparations for the creation of a fireplace. He started looking for something that would be suitable for kindling, quickly remembered that the best material for kindling were pieces of clothing, but could not afford to destroy at least one piece of clothing having other alternative materials for the time being. He walked through the forest for a while, looking for a bird nest, found nothing, the next thought was litter, but it got soaked in torrential rain, there were pieces of bark (the best of birches) and some handkerchiefs that he found, again burying in his pockets.
Having the basic fragments to ignite the fire, he was looking for something to increase the size and maintain the bonfire.
He found branches, pieces of wood and some resin to support and make a stronger fire.

The night is getting closer, the fire is already burning, black thoughts are getting less and less overwhelming to Leon, but he knows that without shelter from the wind or rain, he can quickly fall into hypothermia, which will result in problems with coordination, sleepiness or deconcentration.
He couldn't afford to be aware of what he was doing and be healthy in order to survive.

Near the hearth there was a bough lying, he grabbed it and moved it closer to the fire, found a couple of branches suitable for supporting the branch. The branches were arranged in the shape of a triangle, so that they supported the branch.
The bough rested on one side against the ground and the other side was placed higher above the ground so that the entrance could be made just in front of the fireplace. In this way, a skeleton of a hut shaped like a spatial triangle was created, closing at the end of a branch based on the ground. Fatigue was a sign, the night was already hard for us to do things and it was already miraculous to find the things we needed.

-It's good that I've got a torch with me -said Leon.

He took her out of his backpack and went not too far from the hearth. He was looking for branches with leaves, grass, or anything suitable for making a roof.

He knew that the roof had to be about 10 centimeters thick, because only then would he be able to prevent it from getting wet. When he finished, he had no strength for anything else, tired of just thinking about resting, although he wondered whether to not make of branches a cover behind the fire, so that it reflected the heat towards the hut.
However, the tiredness was stronger, so he lay down and rested. The night was hard, every now and then some sounds interrupted the rest, the fire had to be sustained.
It was not a bed in his house, but he managed somehow. In the morning he stole out of the hut painful, but healthy. He managed to get up to the sunrise, which helped him determine the directions and more or less determine the road he had to follow. He rushed to collect all the things and set off on the road. Its route did not last long, because after about an hour, it reached its first building. This sight became salvation and the end of a terrible adventure, but he did not regret this situation because he acquired humility and distance, and is grateful that he did not forget a little about preparing himself for a situation that rarely man prepares himself, thinking that it is impossible that everything could go wrong.

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