Three Simple Magical Words for Your Communication Problem

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Everything grow up. Even your blood cells will regenerate every 1 thousand days. It means in about three years and four months, you will become a new person.

Is it truely? I believe that. But we still have DNA. It like a microchip to save all information related to you and your learning process.

The point is how to change yourself every day. It is not easy as what it said but it will bring you more benefit.

What the lesson is bring yourself to learn every day. Every day maybe not easy as you want but you just try to do it.

Now I want share you three magical words that can help you in many communication problems. They are included:

  1. Greetings.
    Give greetings or salaam to people. Greetings mean you want to share every good things for others. It is so not fun things if you give some bad things after you greets them. It is contradiction and the behavior that is opposite to each other.

  2. Say Sorry.
    Nothing perfect with you or others. We all are humans. But too much doing same bad things could be indicate you are must change your attitude. Let sorry expression open your communication that blocked by some disappointed or distrust.

  3. Give Thanks.
    Give thanks and said it aloud. Express your thankful to others is best advice too to improve your communication better. Give more appreciation or rewards never make you diminished or humiliated. A wise phrase said that who glorify will be glorified and who would be grateful will be loved.

Okay, that's all, Steemians. I hope it is worth for me and you too. Good night from Banda Aceh. See you in next time insya Allah.