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That was love at first sight for the car!! And thankfully, you were able to get it, I love the aesthetic of the car, it is definitely worth the buy. You still have the car with you?

It was magnificent! Such hair should be preserved as a national treasure!

I can only imagine how magnificent that hair looked! Its amazing how photos brings back great memories which we have probably forgotten.

There are times when we feel a great deal of connection with people, without it being sexual or anything- the connection is just there, even if it is from afar! What a memorable encounter you had.


Finding the car was true serendipity and I never regretted getting it. I had it for 28 years and sold it to a favorite (younger) cousin for the original purchase price. She had it detailed and gave it to her husband as a surprise gift and he built a climate controlled garage for it! Their son used it as his "escape" car to leave the church with his bride when he was married, and he later sent me a photo of their four year old son sitting in the driver's seat. It a part of our ectended family now.

Yes, that was a strange and memorable encounter and I have wondered about her more than anyone in my past, I think. There have been two other "in passing" encounters that have left deep impressions; one worth writing about. Neither were sexual at all; more of a re-encounter with someone you know well but cannot place.

And, on reflection, the hair was a national treasure!. There is a British singer, Ella Eyre, who has hair that comes close. I love it!

Than you for reading and for the nice comment, Audrey. I like the open and honest way you write and added myself to follow you.


Wow! That must have been a really nice surprise to her husband. An escape car? Wow! That sounds thrilling. There is a whole lot of fun and memorable moments attached to that car. I am glad it is still there, within the family, I hope it stays for even longer!

I have had such similar encounters too that I just can't get over, really. Some people that believe in reincarnation may say you have met them in your "previous life" but I really don't believe that. It could be just as you have said!

Ella Eyre? I have to check her out.... Wow! Her hair truly is amazing. And you said it just close to that girl's? Now, I can't imagine how much hair that girl had... It must be magnificent!!

Oh Wow! Thanks for the compliment and the follow, Will! I really appreciate.

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