Humanity, the planet's virus?

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Photo taken by me, @arquimedesmas in Pico Espejo, Mérida state Venezuela

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Today, in my leisure time, I started to think and meditate, I have realized that the human being is nothing more than a "plague" for the planet, before they insult me or are offended by my comment I will explain why I say this, I will place the following comparison: imagine the planet as a huge computer, all the animals that inhabit this world fulfill a specific function or through a daily action benefit the planet. In a clearer form and to summarize, the simple fact that a bird eats some seeds of a plant and defecates them in another distant place, contributes to the growth of new plants, which in turn will be food for other animals and these also for other animals and thus a cycle is formed.

But returning to the analogy that the planet is like a huge computer, we can say that the human being is nothing more than a "virus", because there is no reason for us to be in this world, we are like any virus housed in a computer, which is reproduced without stopping and consuming all the resources of the system, regardless of the fact that the degradation of our system (planet) would lead directly to the destruction of ourselves.

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