YouTube is corrupt, will a competitor eventually replace them?

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Anyone have any experience or information about LBRY?
I just stumbled on a video titled "Why everyone's leaving YouTube" the other night and found it to be pretty compelling and interesting.

The title of the movie is kind of misleading cause many people will stay and don't care about the corruption as long as it doesn't effect them personally. ANY Though many people are getting really sick of YouTube myself included.

Not really a fan of Eric Dubay myself, but I think he did a good job on this one if he is indeed the creator of it, it was on his channel anyways so I assume he was.

The movie is basically a collection of clips from YouTubers who are unhappy or even fed up to the point of threatening to quit because of how YouTube is handling things and censoring people.

And at the end there's some clips of people trying out or talking about LBRY and they're trying to present it as a replacement for YouTube.

I wish Dtube on steem was that replacement, though I've been on steem years and personally have not felt the urgency to sign up and use Dtube.. I just dislike the idea that you can only get paid for the first 7 days and.. Have discovered that a video a friend uploaded a while back for our IFC contest was deleted or removed or the link was broken after a certain amount of time.. So.. That doesn't sound very appealing to me.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that if you want your videos to stay up on Dtube longterm that you have to pay for that, and that's the opposite of sites like YouTube where they host the files for free and if you're able to achieve all their conditions and not be censored you even get paid.

As much as I wish it was Dtube, I don't think that is going to be widely appealing to people, to have to pay to keep your vids up and only get steem tokens for the first 7 days.

I wish there was a solution on steem somewhere to this as that would be huge for steem, yet.. I don't see it, and LBRY according to the video appears to be decentralized as well? I need to learn more about it, I wonder how much they pay? And if it's in a crypto token or actual USD?

Also in the comments I saw people mentioning bitchute, anyone know anything about that site? Looks like I'ma have to spend some time researching those two sites.

I wanted to be a YouTuber in the past and was trying to go down that route, but.. I just got more and more discouraged by how they were making it harder and harder for smaller channels to get paid and how they were censoring more and more people and basically becoming a place where free speech is not respected very much.

It's really sad to see so many great channels who were bringing out good and important information to have their revenue cut off, just because they're talking about controversial things.. I think it's BS and if it's not LBRY I hope some other site replaces YouTube soon.

And now with Facebook working on their own crypto coin, it seems like more and more people will be cut out of monetary possibilities because of their use of free speech.

These huge behemoth companies are corrupt as FCK and it makes me sick to see the majority of people continue to prop them up instead of finding alternatives that are more honorable and fair.

We're likely heading towards a dystopian future because the people are too lazy to pick better options basically, it's troubling.

BUT... Hey... Maybe it won't end that way, maybe... People will start moving away from Facebook and YouTube to more free and open and honest and fair sites.. Maybe...

I certainly have my doubts and the majority of people tend to follow the crowd or the flock even if it's immoral and wrong, so I guess time will tell...

Though I do hope things start to change for the better and that the majority of humanity moves away from corruption and censorship towards more freedom and fairness.

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I'm hearing more and more talk about censorship on YouTube. Sounds like people are getting pretty fed up with it. I agree that it would be nice if steemit had a viable solution

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