The Novekian Agreement

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The Lords of Novekian society orchestrate the performance... reality during the experience, however, is different for each life. I believe, since humanity's ascension from the shackles of material density, there has been no other account so extreme and pervasive as what manifests this reality. Novekian authors govern the life-experience for all beings with impunity, editing their reality as easily as an artist rubs away stray lines from a sketch. This road has taken us over deep valleys and lofty mountains, soaring the heights of consciousness where ceilings become floors into the torrential spiral of complacency. These authors enact their version of experience and we, the complacent are swooned into compliance.

Peter Haldor, a young engineer, and dreamer from Balatvia, came to Belawory a short time after the completion of the Viln chain-system. He traveled along the border of Kaulemuria, over the Nerisman river keeping a journal of all he saw. In one account, he likened Viln to a powerful king that subjugated all opposition. Viln was, after all, the grandest and most encompassing system-chain ever generated, controling nearly two-thirds of all registered experiences, its premise is clearly explained in the terms of use: You are responsible for your own security. If your quad is compromised you will lose your place in the block and access to subsequent transactions. You are responsible for your own actions. Any contracts active or pending at the time of a violation will be forfeited and distributed to your Cardinal chain. The chain-way is indeed grand.

The experience of Viln encompasses hundreds of centuries, it is the most expansive life-system simulation ever known. Other chain-ways do exist and from time to time come into vogue, however, none are grander. No life is more anticipated than a Viln experience. Countless generations have reached accension through Viln's unique contract, a testament to its innovation. Viln's service agreement include early mind pool access, an exchange that allows traders to expedite karmic reduction, stripping away baggage as easily as the tides supplant layers of sand. Unique indeed but unnatural, this simulation makes clairvoyance attainable to even the most depraved souls.

Life contracts have been recorded throughout history, documented in tradition and propagated by belief. The stories pass father to son from age to age. The priesthood may have spread the distortion of law, tipping the scales of awareness in favor of an elite group but underneath it all is the network of contractual agreements that govern experience. To the unaware reality is perceived as a series of seemingly random events instead of the intricate pathway that links stars. Still we strive to control our own framework. This is the reason we endure trails such as Viln. The potential return of investment seems worth the risk because even a chance for clairvoyance is juice worth the squeeze.

My goal for writing this story is to embed Easter-eggs that parallel societal norms. Snippets and characters will exaggerate the consequences of trends and effects of "thought-craft" seeded into a society starved of objectivity.

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