Here's Another Boring Post for Your Enjoyment

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Well...I thought I'd make a quick boring post before I set the trash out for tomorrow's pick-up, give the cat an evening treat, then hit the hay.

I sure hope that 'your' day was at least a bit more interesting then mine has been so far. Maybe something really exciting will happen here before I lay down for a snooze, so the day ends in a worthwhile fashion…?

It really would be nice to see an Alien Spacecraft land on my roof, or something like that.

The last time I had a 'close encounter' was about six years ago, when I was sitting out behind my kid's house in New York staring up at the great abyss... We had just come back from the burial of my ex-Mother-in-law on Long Island.

While I sat there reflecting back on the old days, wondering how time had passed so quickly from my youth to present 'aged' status, the sound of a car pulling into the side driveway was followed by familiar voices.

My son had come from out of the house to greet my arriving nephew; both vocalizing a sort of loud, happy greeting.

It was then that it happened... Up, not high in the sky, to my right, a brightly glowing Orb appeared, silently drifting in an absolute straight line eastward...???

The object was kind of translucent and orange in color. It was moving steady, yet slow...

Of course I was transfixed upon it wondering what the hell I was observing. Then suddenly, the thought popped into my head that it was some sort of trick my nephew and son were playing on me. You know...something they learned about from some You Tube freak, in a 'How Too' video.

So, I decided to keep my mouth shut about what I'd seen when they came around from the side of the house, in order to torment them. I figured, the less I said, the more they would give themselves away eventually by 'asking' if I'd just seen something flying overhead.

BUT...they never asked....

It was as if they hadn't seen it either and 'not' having played a trick on me.

After I was convinced they were not in on what just had occurred, I told them what I'd just seen floating in the sky. They shrugged, gave me a couple of quizzical stares, then proceeded with whatever the hell they were gabbing about.

To this very day, I think about that object often. I think it was a 'special' thing to have seen and feel happy whenever I remember it. I don't really know why...

Maybe it cast a bit of 'happy' Space dust on top of me? I don't know...???

As a matter of fact...I think I've been a lot happier in general since that thing passed within view.


That's something to think about tonight, while I'm taking out the trash... The stink> won't bother me as much, with a smile on my face.

Maybe that thing was the spirit of my newly deceased mother-in-law, giving me a last wave "good-bye"...???

I don't know? Maybe???

Well, my friends...Have a good day or night, depending upon where you are in the world.

Be Happy.


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Well hat post ((unlike your day apparently)) turned out to be anything but boring, right?

I once experienced orbs indoors ((twice in a matter of days if I'm gonna be completely accurate)) also very recently after a bereavement, some time later I heard the lore of spirits that have passed but are still nearby in an ethereal, energy based form, who's to say? I kinda like the idea so pretty much decided to consider it true as it is a comforting belief.

Hey being a happier guy is a win anyway, right? Far better than the alternative, anyway.

Be Happy yourself my friend, that's a pretty cool way to sign off BTW! Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine, take great care :)

It really would be nice to see an Alien Spacecraft land on my roof, or something like that.

Oh! have no doubt that they will come back to look for you mate. Just make sure you get a good night's deep sleep so you don't feel the pounding this time.

The new apprentices are nothing better than those of the last time my earthling friend. :)

Cute...Thank you.

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