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I think a break up would be the best for both of us
That made you mad, you got very upset, I understand
After that you go away
Who the hell is sending me a video message and it is not even 6 A.M.?
Without any makeup, you are drop dead gorgeous but it is not only about that
It was never only about that
A few days have passed and you call
I propose for us to meet because these kinds of things I don’t want to handle over the phone
You say that you love me and that you want it all
That you want us back
I am really sorry but I just can’t give you that
My feelings have changed and I just can not fake
And I know that you also wouldn’t want me to fake
It really hurts me when I see you cry, please don’t cry
Those eyes, I never want to see them cry
I want to see them smile
Those eyes saw me when I was the weakest
Those eyes saw me when I was the most courageous
Those eyes want all for me – I’ve never asked for any of that
Those eyes want all of me – it is normal, I understand, but, for me, it is the past tense

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