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Of course that we know that you are stronger
That is not even the question
There is not even the slightest doubt
We know that
We see that
We are not blind
We were really trying to find another solution
To find another way
But you didn’t want to hear any of that
So you started dropping bombs on our heads
Sadly for us, there were no valid options for our tactical retreat
And you said: ”These are not ordinary bombs, these are merciful bombs!”
I must admit
This was the first time for me to hear such bullshit
But we were ready for you nevertheless
Tell me, what did you see in our eyes?
I still don’t understand what were you thinking that we will do?
To fall down to our knees and beg for mercy?
To cry?
To find some corner and hide?
If that was the case, then you know nothing about my nation, about my tribe
To surrender
That is just not in our nature
To give up
That goes against our pride
You were thinking that it is already a done deal
That, for you, we are a small, easy bite
And it will be as easy as a walk in the park
Out of these two, which one was it?
Tell me, nation with broken teeth from that fight

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