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My motherland – my mother
I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this
I’ve been watching my friends, your children, going abroad and leaving you for good
Ok, they are few and far between, but nevertheless, I’ve been watching them
They always tell me money is the main motive for them
And, by going abroad they can, at least, triple their income, just like that
Ok, that is a personal choice
And then I wish them all the luck in their future and I wish them all the best over there
So they ask me why don’t I do the same?
Why don’t I come with them?
That I would be able to do good, moneywise, for myself
I always tell them that I am aware of that, that I know that
Then they ask me why do I stay?
And I tell them that in my equation of happiness there are some other parts besides money
Then we talk
And we all strive to find happiness in our lives, for ourselves, and happiness is different for each and every one of us
Happiness is a very personal thing and nobody else has the right to interfere, nobody else has the right to even say a word
But when it comes to you
Each and every one of them wishes to see you, our motherland, prosperous and strong
They, the same as I, wish to see you standing firmly on your feet again – that is what they’ve told me, I’ve asked
But that can not be done by walking away
Both here and abroad there is a struggle – ok, different kind of struggle in terms of intensity and magnitude, but struggle nevertheless
And I can understand that some people don’t have patience, or will, or strength to deal with your kind of struggle
And I understand that your kind of struggle can be nerve-racking for some
But the solution, at least for me, is not to go away, is not to walk away
You can choose to walk away from the problem
And even though you walk away
The problem will not go anywhere
The problem will stay in the same shape and form, in the same place
The problem will wait for you, of course, if you ever decide to come back
I know, my motherland, that in you I will never have the money success in that extent as I would have if I chose to go abroad
If I chose to walk away
But, if we all walk away, then who will stay?
Who will help you to stand up and nurture you until you are healed?
The ones that are going away from you, they also wish and want to see you doing well – that is what they say
One of the many things that you taught me, my mother, is the following:
The only thing a person is standing on is their word
But the word without the deed, without the action
That is just an empty word, that word doesn’t mean a thing


i do understand your frustration

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