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Here I am, night, good old friend of mine
Again I will walk the same trail
The trail that leads me to her place
And even though all of the emotions are allowed
I will leave all of them on her doorstep
All of them but one
In her room she is caressing my face
And I am biting her palm – I know her sigh
There is no need for free drinks, night, good old friend of mine
Just put it on my tab
And pour me another cup
Yeah, your favorite one
Yes, that’s the one, full of lust
You see, night, I don’t see the purpose to run away from both of you
There are far worse places to be than into both of your arms
It is almost dawn, and I am saying goodbye to her and to you, good, old friend of mine
I am looking forward seeing both of you when the sunset comes
There is no room for any regret in my eyes
That’s how all of us have chosen to roll the dice
Actually, there is no other emotion
There is only lust in my eyes
And I am ready for another round
Shall we go for another round, what do you say, a, night?
Cheers and bottoms up!

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