today is better than yesterday, and the next day to be better than today.

in #writing7 years ago

Hello friend steemit.!!!
have you introspect yourself, what you already see yourself and know who you are really..

Some time went by so fast, sometimes it feels so slow. day by day, week turned into weeks, months turned into months, and years went years if there are any changes in our lives, or like a fire that burns to ashes ago.

do not assume it's too late to get up and get up from your life to realize the dream. remember that the difficulties that you face is intended to improve and not to fear Him..

do you know the mine in steemit.!!!
of all living things on earth, only humans who have to pay for life.
sang and laughed, though the world is not as beautiful as heaven, and be grateful to the Almighty about the life that we experience today.

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