Micro-Poem- Dictionary

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This is actually an exerpt of a long poem that I've long since lost. This portion of the poem stood out and never left my side. These words became an entity in my life; a friend that was always there. These words were a revelation- one that took a couple years after their creation, to sink in as to why they initially graced my mind. Here I share one of my deepest, yet shortest poems.

My heart's a dictionary... of indecent dark

© *AnaCe' 2005

Yes, I personally took this photo.

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I love one line poems/stories - they pack a lot of punch!

Thanks you. I agree.

I spent much of my writing years trying to increase length only to learn that a short piece is like a right jab in boxing; one good blowfor the K.O.

(I don't even like boxing, I grew up around it so this visual danced around in my mind).

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I tell my students all the time to forget about long, complex sentences - sophistication does NOT mean length - brevity can be brilliant too.