'Black people' is not racial discrimination.

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 I am not a native and used translator for this post. So the translation may be not perfect.

What I want to say differently from the title is 'Is 'black people' racial discrimination?' 

 It may have been the wrong thought of one's own, but society tends to avoid the word, 'black people'. In fact, it may be a thought made from the idea of not creating a problem, but it is doubtful anyway.

 I do not want to come to my own conclusions with my own thoughts. I am wondering what other people think about my thoughts, and I am prepared to accept your thoughts thoroughly. Because it is difficult to find an answer on my own, I ask for help from you.

 Is it really racism calling "black people"?

 The reason I started to have these questions is that there are many people's characteristics in the world. Whether it is socially good or bad, or has no meaning. For example, physical characteristics include eye size, pupil color, height, weight, hobbies, specialty, and occupation.

 When we introduce a person, we talk about the person based on these characteristics like 'the a red-dyed surgeon who likes football'. Perhaps the 'doctor' introduced in this way would not feel so bad. The doctor may not need to feel bad.

 In this sense, let's think about whether or not we might feel bad about introducing someone as 'black person'. Of course, the mind of the person is strictly personal and I can not define the person's feelings under any circumstances, but what if I were the person how could it be?

"The thought calling black people is racism" can be racism.

 On the other hand, it is doubtful whether the thought calling black people is racism can be real racism. We tend to be reluctant to talk about the bad character of the person. It is reluctant to mention that he personally thinks he is a complex, regardless of whether the characteristics are good or bad.

 For example, suppose a person thinks he has a red hair as a complex. In such cases, it is extremely rare to say "the person with the red hair" when introducing the person. I do not know if the introducing person has a hostile feel to the person with red hair.

 From this point of view, the thought that not to call someone 'black people' can be the thought that the personality of being black is the complex of the person or the complex of all black people.

This is what I want to say after all.

 We tend to be reluctant to mention the person's complex or bad characteristic. Then why calling 'black people' is racism even thought black skin is never a complex or a bad characteristic. It is just one of the basic physical characteristic of human.

 It is worth thinking about.

Finishing the article.

 The question written in this post may be very misleading, or it may be racial in itself.

 But this is just a question of a person who might be have a narrow sight, and I would like you to understand that it is a process of studying with many people because I do not want to discriminate against them.

 I would like to apologize enough if you have any bad feelings, even if it was not my intention. 

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