Chasing Something Bigger

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If you follow my blog, you’ll notice that most of my recent posts are submissions for @jayna's 50 Word Challenge. I love doing these and they’ve sparked some great ideas for my bigger projects. My plan for Mara and the goblins is now well underway, plotting out characters and watching the story evolve.

As is my usual habit, I wrote a fifty-word story on Wednesday, let it sit overnight and then submitted it for editing. However, when I read it back, I saw so much potential for it to become something bigger. Rather than posting to Steemit, I’ve decided to grow this story and focus on submitting to mainstream venues.

Particular thanks should go to @INK-ubator. They’ve offered feedback every week on my fifty-word stories, helping me to turn them from being good into being great.

Looking forward to reading all your submissions! I love seeing the different directions that people take the prompt in. Your creativity continues to inspire me.

Take care and be very good to each other. Now, I have a story to write...


I'm really glad you made this choice. I think you have the potential to make a very powerful piece out of it with a little higher word count. GO FOR IT! I am sure @jayna will be happy her prompt is inspiring something more.

Yes indeed!

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can make out of this. Your ongoing support and encouragement has been invaluable.

How wonderful, @alheath! I applaud, wholeheartedly. I’m so excited to hear that this challenge inspires you and leads to bigger and better things. Yay!

It really does, and thank you for hosting this every week!

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