Build a dream, push the thing that you can do

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When you are young you look in the future when you are old you look at the past. This is the circle of life, How do you make an impossible wish come true? Everyone has a dream, a dream come when you stay positive and don't dwell on the negative parts of life. Instead, be mindful about the good things and think about tomorrow's opportunities. I have to believe myself, yes I have to build a self-confident with daily affirmations.


I have to start believing, believing is a key to success. I have believed nothing is impossible. people, always you have to say if you want something you have said 100 times. My dream is big did I have to say 1000 or 100000 times I will try that if I can. My mother always says: if you have a dream don just wait it came, you have doing it to success the most important is hard work thanks, mom! wait! I have to know what I am good at? Let see the step.


Ask around. A great way to find out more about yourself is to ask people you like, trust and respect what they think you’re best at. Why not make a list of people you can ask about the kinds of jobs they think might suit your strengths and personality, and why? They could be members of your family, a teacher or lecturer or somebody else you’re close to. If you’re not sure how or what to ask about, here are some ideas to get you started.

Discover your personality. ...Over the course of a week, think about the 5 things you most enjoy doing and write them down. Challenge yourself to really think about why it is you like them. For example:
Write down what you do. ...


Look for patterns. Once you have answers from a few different places, highlight any areas that come up frequently, or character traits that lots of people have identified. Try asking yourself the same questions and compare the answers to see if you agree. The skills which come up most frequently will most likely be your strongest, now you can use the Wheel of Strengths to match these up with potential career.


Keep an open mind. Some of the answers and results you get might be surprising, or highlight aspects of your personality that you hadn’t considered. Don’t dismiss these. The idea is to get a better picture of yourself, and that includes the image you present to other people, as well as what you’re good at and things that you could improve. These unexpected qualities might lend themselves to an area of work that you had never considered before.

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