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March 7, 12:15:03 AM. I was sitting while my eyes are busy wandering around the bright monitor, searching for enemies in 'Rules of Survival'. I was careful and gentle and attentive and, "BLAOW!". M800 shotgun fired right in my nape. Then, I rested for awhile and realized that I was 15 minutes late to my exact birth date. Happy birthday, young lad.

In that awful sudden moment, I reflected. Feels like only yesterday was I a 6 year old kid, with no stress and problems. I was once a dirty, sun burnt child playing all day long. In that moment, I realized how fast my time is moving. I am now of legal age but still can't stand on my own self. What have I been doing in my life really?

Life. The word itself brings joy and compassion, agony and mystery. When life is bestowed and presented in a young human 5 meters in front and directly related to us, happiness overflows. However, when life is returned or taken from a beautiful vessel, torment or hatred takes its place. We curse our fate, for we've learned to live with it. We resent any being believed to be our loving creator, for we thirst and lust for life. We don't even reconsider what really gives us life.

Candles of Life

Now, I'm asking you a real philosophical question, have you known 'time'? Have you totally understood what time really does? Time is more than the moments we've loved and hated. Time is more than the passing of cold dead winter to the first bloom of the year. Time is more than gold.

Time is existence itself. The fertile land where trees and shrubs grow were plowed by time. The mighty mountains and volcanoes were mounded by time. Time dug the vast barren ground to give way for the raging waters of the ocean. Skyscrapers, robots, airplanes and modernization itself were modeled by time and engineered. Even the humans, the kings of the Earth, are nothing but a dancing speck drifting afloat of time. Time breathed life to every existing beings. It is our greatest protector and provide yet our biggest adversary, so as life.

We are caught in time's inescapable cell. To fully understand, imagine yourself being trapped in a box that moves as we moves. When we step, the box itself proceeds a step. When you run, the box will run together with you in the center. We are imprisoned by time's eternal pleasure and chaos. It gives us safety as we go on, but in exchange is a feeling of false emancipation. We all are time's petty prisoners, and death is the only bail.


I seem that right now your thoughts are puzzled and overwhelmed and jumbled. I suppose you understand or agree to what I have pointed out. You now grasped that time is beyond human comprehension, yet we waste it like throwing bars of gold in a muddy river possessing a current that destroys even the sturdiest rock. We let time pass in our window pane and just let it slip through our fingertips, like a sand.


We need to take each time like it is our last. Use it to the fullest. Do the 'firsts' you've always wanted to do. Learn the things you're curious with. Explore beyond your limits. Conquer the fears that hold you back. Spend time with your family, friends and those who matter the most. We grow old, and they also do. We won't really know if they will ever wake up to greet the golden sun of tomorrow. Maybe our time will go on, but our regrets also do. Our time stops only if we stop living. Taking time for granted is very idiotic. Do good things to other people and yourself while your clock still ticks and your heart still beats. Only if you do all these you can say in your grave that you had the greatest time of your life.


I have missed posting contents here in Steemit. I have a very busy month cause I am a graduating student. But soon when this is over, expect to have more write-ups coming from me. Have a good day everyone :)


yaay graduate kono sya oh hahahhaa.. nndut kay bay

Hahahaha giro klaro kayong wa gihuman oy ay kog ilara

judgemental sad nimo oi.

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