Permanent change

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At different stages of our life we are faced with different obstacles, moments that shape us into the people we want to be, or in hindsight, the people we don't. This depends on how we deal with the challenge of life, how we adapt and how we find some form of order in this chaotic existence of infinite possibilities. I find that as I grow older I find it easier to order my life from day to day, however I am by no means immune to the occasional descent into chaos. The main difference is that the descents seem to get shorter and shorter, I seem to notice my failures quicker and manage to pull myself up and out before any impending disaster.

The rate of learning will accelerate for me personally as in two days I finally move out into the adult world, away from the shelter of the family home. To have my own small space, to look after myself and grow day by day. This excites me greatly. I am most looking forward to the opportunity this presents, the simple fact that now I can mould myself into whoever I want to be. Get skillful with the routine of life, become a master in the everyday. You are what you do.

We are all part of this ever-flowing permanent process of change. It really is everywhere but we seem to only notice it when we see it over longer periods of time. The cells in our body are constantly changing, replacing old cells with the new, but yet we see ourselves with a permanence of consciousness. It is all we have ever known. We must not fight the flow of change. Embrace and adapt to it.


Very nicely said. Can I suggest you to choose a picture for each essay? Your post would be slightly visible.

Thank you. Yes I think you are right actually, it would make my posts more noticeable.