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Some of us will be thinking what is happening to this guy because of this post title, but like seriously we don't need to plead for no good reason. If you're sure that type that does beg for almost everything, this is for you.
Good day friends, I am very sure we all are enjoying our weekend already. I am just surprised the way some people use to beg for almost everything, try on your own and use that up box. Why will you beg for something you can handle yourself, why do you need to let someone play fool of you while begging them? why do some guy begging for love? Do ladies need to beg for money always?.
Most of the things we beg for on this earth are mostly things we can get on our own, but most of the time because we can't think, we cannot focus and so on
are the reason why we beg.

It is good to beg but that is for your behaviour, not things that you can easily get when you focus.To be sincere, begging can help some people but before you
do it, remember those people you're about to beg have their own problem too, know that too much of begging can make someone annoy if beggers did not see what
he expects in time, he gets pissed off and even causes bad temperament most of the time.

The demerit of too much begging.

  • It makes beggers dull more and more.
  • It makes beggers to be lazy.
  • It makes them turn to roadside ( Nigeria people can relate to this)
  • It shows that the person begging is not much-focusing in life. (He/she belief, he can beg and get anything he/she want) which is a lie.
  • It makes people play fool of someone.( The lady you beg to love you will later leave you, no matter what you do her, also the guy you beg for money will later
    ask for what you don't have).

Note:- I don't say you should not beg for a job but before you do, try your best if you can make a job and employ people as well.

If you really have to, Remember;

  • To try it yourself before begging.

  • To make research. (Google is friendly & elders are not leopard).

  • To think of the condition of who you are about to ask from.

  • Seek to advise is far better than begging.

  • If you don't try it yourself, you can't make it next time yourself.

  • Prepare for heartbreak, so that you will not get annoyed when they say NO to your request.

  • Try and make your begging about your behaviour that you think is not good to other, not for things that you can easily get if you focus.

I hope I am not confusing you in other to convince you, what I just mean is that always try it yourself first before seeking for help.


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This is a great topic in the sense that someone out there is on the same page with me. I once told someone that I can't beg anyone for what I know I can do and he said that's pride and I just let him understand that there is no dignity in begging especially when it becomes too frequent. I will just resteem this.


@scilla-eu thanks you for reading through our post, to be sincere it is not a pride if you decide not to beg for something you already, while will I even beg for things I can easily get if I give it a try. Not trying new thing if it will work is what makes it look special in the eyes of these that can't try. Thanks once again and happy steeming.

Very educative. Most times people beg out-of laziness, the inability to try get things done brings that thought up. Begging has a way of degrading your respect as well as your reputation, people tend to avoid or ignore beggars a lot (roadside abokis can testify) as they know what they are coming for.
If you must, try it yourself first, if you don't try it yourself you would still beg again and again. The idea is looking in ward before looking outward


May the good LORD keep blessing you @promise123, you say it all brother. You undertand everything from the post and your own explanation even touch me more. thank you bro.

roadside abokis can testify.

hehehehehe, let them catch you ehn, you will pay money. lol

This has really touched me... Alot of the things we beg for are things we can get or do all by ouselves .. Thanks for the post