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It is almost Halloween and that is our theme for this story!

We start a story and you continue in the comments where the last person left off. I provide a setting, characters and the start of a plot. Together we create a story that would ordinarily be unimaginable.


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No coarse language.
This is creative storytelling, fiction - some stories may contain scenes of violence.

Early Into The Night

"It's going to happen right here, right about here, a high whistling, most won't hear it." Dannie (23) says, her hand tightly grasping the strap of her purse. She squeezes her eyes shut tight. "They said they would come here tonight. They said early, an army would rise"

"Who? What do you mean a whistling and most wont hear it?" DETECTIVE COBB, (40's) shouts over the din of traffic.

DETECTIVE COBB looks like a gumshoe detective out of a 1960's film noir, even an accent like one. "Dannie, you need to talk to me," COBB says, "I can't help you if I don't know what we are up against." Cobb cautiously approaches from behind. "What is going to happen, 'right here'. Who is..."

Before he can even finish the sentence, Dannie perks her head up, she looks up into the night sky as a whistle, 1 high note, it goes for several beats before a second note, slightly lower cuts through the city chatter. All Dannie can hear is the long droning of the last whistle, before a creature, wings spread, swoops down and lifts her from the ground.

Detective Cobb is knocked to the ground before he quickly pulls out his pistol, but with no clear shot, he's back to square one. No leads, no idea what is taking these 'missing' people. Cobb's defeat is quickly turned to determination as he recalls, Dannie saying that early in the night 'an army would rise.'

Just as Cobb hoists himself off the ground, a MAN, tall, wearing a polished suit, dapper, approaches him, as though floating. His skin is pale, his eyes a reddish hue, "You can't stop us. You've been close. I'm here to tell you, Master won't let you stop us. I'd kill you myself were you not going to be dead already, but then again, maybe your blood won't be so sickly sweet like the girls."

Cobb is a little, shocked, surprising even to himself he is not afraid.

"What are you doing with them?! These kids and people!" Cobb shouts, as another whistle happens, this time Cobb can hear it. 1 high note, it goes for several beats before Cobb shouts again, "You won't win, I'll find you beasts before you bring your army."

"We are of the night Cobb," the MAN rebuts, "You join us Cobb or we feast on your flesh."

Just as the second note starts, slightly lower and cutting through the city chatter, the MAN's suit and arms morph seamlessly into spread wings as his face becomes drawn out. His jaw juts out far as his teeth lengthen and the reddish hue of his eyes becomes solid. His body becomes covered in fur as his legs crack and contort into claws. His ears grow longer until he is a giant bat.

The creature lunges at Cobb, claws out trying to grab him. Quick thinking and pistol already drawn, Cobb whips the pistol site up and fires, hitting it in the shoulder, causing it to spin off. It disappears, and the ominous mood of the street clears.

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Authored by: @satchmo




Cobb leans back against the pavement, tempted to shut his eyes for just a moment, but he wills himself upright. I have to stop this. In his satchel he pulls out a book, bound by silver, he flips through pages quickly to a passage, "In the oldest, darkest tunnel, that is where the master is, kill the master." Cobb new what was going to happen, he knew what he had to do.

Taking a sip from a flask, 'liquid courage,' Muttering to himself, "I can't let them down again," He quickened his pace, and headed to the Manhattan Subway. "The oldest, darkest tunnel. I will have to fight these creatures here, tonight"?

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Checking his pistol to assure he had a full clip ready to fire in case of an engagement, he heads down the steps into the dimly lit caverns of the underworld. Subway trains rushing by at timed intervals as usual. He swings his satchel around to see just what kinds of weapons he has at his disposal.

He pulls out some self-sharpened silver-dipped wooden stakes and slides them into his belt. He repacks another few clips of silver-tipped wooden shatter shot and feels comfortable.

Cobb takes another deep breath, chokes down another long sour pull from his flask, and looks for some sort of manned (or unmanned) station where he can find a diagram or map of the tunnel system. He knew if he was going to find this dark tunnel, he would need some direction.

  1. Anxious to find the map Cobb Hobbles down the dark Corridor Sweat dripping down from his forehead suddenly he hears the load whistle once again he looks around to see where the sound from! He stubbles upon a big wooden door with a rusty door knob as turns to try to open the door the doors open And big dragon like creature tries to grab a hold of Cobb and scratches his arm . Cobb turns and pull out a silver stake from his belt Suddenly

4.He pulls out the stake from belt, and points it towards the creature. The creature turns back and comes for another attack. The stake seems useless. The creature is unfazed by the stake, and continues to approach him. The blood lust in the creature's eyes, makes Cobb freeze with fear. Cobb gives up ready to be taken. Just then, the door behind him opens and someone pulls him in, and shuts the door again.

[5] As Cobb was having his battles in the tunnels, the flying creature was delivering Dannie to the tower. The tower that was standing on top of the tunnels. As the dark army was getting ready in tunnels, they had eyes in the skies. They were scary for most, yet still not as powerful to take over the surface. Only Dannie knew how it would turn out, she could see it all. She knew where and when it was going to happen. She was the one who warned Cobb about the event. Because she saw in her visions that Cobb would be the one to defeat them.

The creature dropped Dannie at the top of the Tower, then started spinning like a mini tornado. After few seconds it turned into a woman. The woman was tall blonde with green skin color. Her eyes were fire red. She was wearing the dark tight suit. She approached Dannie"

"You are special, we know that. It is time for you to choose a side."

Dannie remembered the woman from her visions. She has seen her many times. She stood up, looked at the woman's eyes and:

"Cobb is the special one, he is the chosen one. This will end badly for you. You still have time. You can put the dark army back to sleep."

The woman was annoyed, flares of fire started coming out her eyes. She grabbed Dannie with her claws and threw her into the cage and locked it up. Afterwards, she turned back into the flying creature and flew away.


Dannie's eyes are fixed on the creature until it disappears to the right behind a tower. A searing pain spreads all over her arm. It's as if it still has its claws buried in her skin. Looking down, her wrist is covered in blood.

Slowly she raises her hands and holds the iron bars of the cage, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath. Moments later, the image of a door forms in her mind and the sounds of the creatures seem very close. Something is about to be revealed. She knows. She focuses more.

Gradually, the door turns transparent from the bottom.

It's dark inside, but she can see outlines of two male forms. The shorter one looks like Cobb. It's Cobb. In a flash, she sees the creatures trying hard to break the door.

"You're safe," she whispers. "Don't come out." If only he can hear her.

A screech jolts her from the trans, and one of the creatures is standing in front of the cage, eyes glowing red.


Cobb's heart bangs against his chest as they try to force their way in. He takes a step backward, pointing his weapon in diffferent directions. Everywhere is pitch black. Who pulled me inside? Where's this place?

Bang! The sound is so loud, and for a moment he believes the door has split. Then suddenly a warm object makes contact with his shoulder, more like a hand. He jumps, turns, and swings his weapon. "Don't come close!"

"Cobb." The voice is deep. "Dannie is in great danger."

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