Patience; a key to everything.

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Every living creature always think about moving forward in any situation they find themselves.
You might be the type who always fail when you are about to make it, don't be frustrated, all you need is patient. Remember there is no success overnight, it all takes a process and a good preparation as I believe that preparation meets opportunity . There is need to exercise patient but, that doesn't mean you are procrastinating. People that refuse to exercise patient might find themselves in tight corners at the expense of becoming rich. imagesource

patient and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish by John Quincy Adams

I remember a story my grandma once told me some years back about two friends, she said these two friends always think about how to make money in there business, but because they couldn't exercise patient, they concluded to visit a herbalist to help them out. On getting there, the herbalist told them that they would be rich but needed to get something done; They must go through certain process. However, the process was that, they will throw up some seeds of maize and the number of seeds they are able to catch will determine how many years they will live to enjoy the riches. When it was time for that, the first friend threw up the seeds in his right hand and was able to catch two seeds. He was scared and surprised about what had happened and the herbalist told him he should not because that was what his spirit desired. The second friend who thought he could have a better luck also threw up only to catch one seed. These made the two of them burst into tears because the herbalist said no second chance. After some months, these two friends began to ride in big and latest cars, travelling abroad and also spending money as they wish.
after a year's, one of them died in a ghastly motor accident and the news went round that he was killed because he had so much money. However, the other friend keeps on enjoying himself and later went back to the herbalist to see what he could do to prevent dying as he knew it would soon come to his turn, but the herbalist told him there was no remedy. To cut the story short, at exactly two -years and a month, he also died. This was when the news went around that they involved themselves in money rituals.
You can now see how they ended up because the failed to exercise patient in moving forward. The question you need to ask yourself is that, what amount of patience do i need to move forward? Never think the best thing for you is to put yourself in an act you will regret later. Stop thinking it is all over and that there is no way for you to move forward

the state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind (Wayne Dyer )

Remember that as you welcome each moment and each new development in your life, a new thought also develops in your mind. It is you that will now determine how to make use of that thought that comes rum your mind. Out of any circumstances, you can find a positive pathway because in any situation there is always the opportunity to create success and experience fulfillment.

we change the world not by what we say or do,but as a consequence of what we have become (Dr David hawkins)

What stop you from moving forward are problems which when you come you come up against the limitation of your will, seems to negate your thinking, natural ability, courage and how you deal with success and failure as well. And as you try to overcome each of these problems, you learn about yourself. Sometimes the things you learn about yourself and also other people seems to convey a certain spiritual and emotional senses.

Don't always believe in your system or method all the time, it may not always be the way out. That is why when you come across some things, you will want to share it with others and when you do that, your system and method become extra - ordinary. Hence, what is important in life is to recognize the cause of your ignorance.

man the living creature, the creating individual is always more important than any established style or systems by Bruce

You should be also unconditionally thankful for the moment you are because the moment you are at present is filled with great possibilities to move forward in life.

Your gratitude will enable you to see the best of those possibilities. Your explanation of finding the best way forward will then enable you to begin moving solidly forward.

Do you know the true success is living with you, being joyful honest, about your life? Always pay attention to those desire that rings in your mind and discover new miracles which you can give to yourself. Miracle or luck comes in different folds, and it all depends on the way you handle it. That's why some people, even when they pay to those desire, they still cannot handle the situation property and things become difficult for them.

Still on patience; not everything of our heart desire can be immediately gratified, we have gotten to learn to handle it care and wait patiently for our dreams to come true especially on the path we have chosen to be led.

There's much to be gained in planning and preparation, by expecting what ready for it. Therefore, there is no reason to be shrunk by worry or fear because you have what it takes to handle the most unexpected setbacks once you make up your mind and focus.

I still remain my humble self, I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to comment for addition or substration.

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