Life posseses some unforeseen pressure, do you agree with me?

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Pressure may shaped you or break you, it all depends on our approach towards it. Life itself posses a lot of pressure, the desire to make it in life is part of the pressure, seeing your mate doing great things, you will be pressurize from family, friends, lover and our parents. Pressure is not something we can avoid most especially when the going is not that good, a lot of negative comments from people will surely posed in, and If one is not careful, you already give up and accept defeat. imagesource

Life doesn't give you much, but for the ones who want to learn, life teaches them how to be strong before they start living their lives and win over pressure that life might posses through friends or relatives. We have to remain strong and focus no matter the threat of life to us.

Since we have no control over nature and it disasters of our reality through pressure that life might posses from any angle , all I can say is that we have always prepared for the negativity of life, life, they say 'is not always a bed of rose', there is no one that is free from life challenges, we just have to face ours squarely and never be consumed by the fear it posses nor pressure from our family . There is no one you ask on this earth that won't have one or two things to say about what one has passed through in life. We have to remember that we are free from the persecution of life only when we are no more alive so I will say we have the ability to overcome these challenges.

It is with this sense of responsibility and awareness that you we can begin the journey into a higher state of consciousness where challenges are no longer challenges, but opportunities to get a glimpse of the highest

Remember nothing can stop you from achieving your positive dream and goal, never stop believing and always remember to grow through the pressure of life, ride on and never lose focus.

We shouldn't expect much from life other than the challenges it posses which give us much tough time, we have to remain positive at all time through any pressure of life. imagesource

Let your most treasured dream focus your actions and let your actions express your dreams and never give in to negative thoughts, therefore, never a wise dreamer to set up your goals and drive deeply in the treasure that gives light to your dream, never let the pressure from family define your goal but let your goals define the pressure life might posses. Remember, power and determination are needed to reacj your set goals.

Never give in to pressure that life might ever poses, it is only meant to break you or mar you 👇.

I still remain my humble self as usual, I hope you enjoyed reading. COMMENT and UPVOTE.

Original written here by me

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This is so true, unforseen pressures we all have to face no matter what.

I think those who are successful convert the pressure into motivation and make it work in their favour