The feelings of the unknown pain...

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There are many times when we are happy for no reasons and same as that sometimes there is something that we even didn't get it makes us sad.It's like there is nothing wrong with you, there is no pain in your heart or regret about anything at that moment.But somehow there is a sudden feeling that makes you dull, that is kind of black hole which absorbs you fully and try to drag you into its darkness.You have no idea what is wrong, you keep looking into yourself to find out the reason but its unknown.You just want to cry out loud for no reason, figuring the reason makes you more stressful.It is the kind of moment where you crave for something that somehow can tell you what is going on with you, what will be the best way to get out of it or what it the way you will be in peace not in pieces .!!


Today, I am having this all feeling, the time I get up from my sleep I was not feeling well.It was like something is wrong, something is weird, something is taking all my power of motivation & even trying to avoid it I can't stop it.I sat alone to figure it out and still it was null.Then I realize it is not the pain of a sudden thing, it is something that has been getting pile up in my heart for something that I may have avoided at that time but it has been finding it a way of coming out.I thought maybe writing could be the way of my peace from this unknown pain.Before I tried everything that I love like dancing, food & music but sometimes it takes only less from me that was writing this.Maybe now its the time the pain may have gone!!Hope for good always.

I also believe one thing-

"Heart is like a Heavy cloud & it gets lighter only by letting off some water"

Thanks for Reading!!Let me know if you have this kind of feelings all of sudden !!Comment!!

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