5 things you should consider before you start a business

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In this 21st century, it's the dream of virtually everyone to be an employer, to own a business of their own. Although not many key into this, and others fall off the crib. Nevertheless, there are many who are successful in the business world today.

So you've decided to take a bold step and key into the business world? Congratulations! You are on the right track. But then, before you embark on this journey you won't want to take a few minutes to ponder of some certain relevant tips.

First you need to take a while to rethink or discover if you are on the right track.

1. Are you on the right track?


Before i expose simple tips to consider before starting your business, you have to first answer these questions.

Is this what you are good at? What do you know about this line of business? What do you hope to achieve? What prompted you to start this business?

Ok don't get me wrong, the main aim of a business is to make profit. But take a moment to ponder on the questions aforementioned.

If you deal on wholesales of building materials; what do you know about this line of business? I can vouch you have a business idea already, but one thing you must understand is, before you start off any business, or capitalise on your idea.

First try and discover if this is what you are good at. And being good at it isn't enough. Go on research, and most importantly, look for persons who successfully thrived in that business line and if you must pay, pay to learn from them.

Some business line would require you serve them and learn in the process, please do. If you didn't take this route, you would want to rethink if you are on the right track. But if you did, and you are still experiencing setbacks, hold on let's get you back.

2. Location:


By all means, strive to have your business in a market oriented area. You don't expect to be patronized when it's nearly impossible or extremely stressful to locate your business context.

3. Your product and services:


How will your product help or assist people? What is the importance of your product. People will not only patronize you, but also sought for your products, if it serves as an answer to their daily needs.

4. Awareness/Advertisement:


This cannot be over emphasised. Understand one thing, people would patronize what is widely purchased and available, because it is what they trust over a product that they've barely heard of.

5. Social media:


Nigeria records more than 1billion users online for over an hour! Imagine what the world records in 2hours. The world is changing, and if you want to top your game, key Into this.

Get your business online, transact online, get a website, a Facebook fan page, don't forget to key into Instagram and other social platform that get lots of traffic.

Now take these tips and kickstart that business. Best of luck!


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