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Do you write well in either of Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Hindi, or Bengali? If so, please consider offering your support to an author who wishes to have his work on display in other countries.

I will send you the English text and a draft translation of same into your language. Your support will take the form of correcting the errors in the translation, so that in the end we will have a good-quality output in your language.

Payment for your output will be made within a few minutes of my receiving same, and that payment can be in the form of STEEM, Steem Dollars (SBDs), Bitcoin (BTC), LItecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), or Dogecoin (DOGE). You are free to state the amount that you wish to be paid in your own national currency, and then we can try to agree upon what is the proper conversion into one of the cryptocurrencies.

If you are interested, please click here and send me a message. Clicking will take you to the contact page of my investment website: . Thanks in advance.

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@lestatisticien - I know that there is a large following in #kr and also #japanese channels. Not sure if you can make a post in Japanese and Korean but it would probably help.

Thanks @plushzilla! I well remember your remark that you have friends that might help me with Korean and Japanese (as I recall). I do mean to come back to you on your possible help here.

With these messages I am posting, I just 'fishing around' to see what turns up. Then when I have exhausted Steemit, I will turn to Kijiji here in Canada, where all sorts of service deliverers advertise their availability, and Craigslist (it is like Kijiji but it is USA-based).

My first output will the Spanish version of the little piece on ICOs. Then will follow one in Chinese (with your help).

While I am waiting for help with that article I will start the fascinating process of trying to get a Spanish version of my video see it here . This is a huge challenge, and I will talk to you about the project o9nce we get past the piece on ICOs.

@lestatisticien - no problems, I hope you might be able to get a few more assistants too. I think a good place to look would be @steemgigs if you want this type of service and paid for using SBD. Reach out to @artaddict on Discord and she'll help you out as well.

Thanks @plushzilla. I will follow up all your leads. I am now at the end of checking for help inside Steemit (except for your leads).

One distressing discovery: make sure your first tag fits into an already established tag class; because that is the only way to stop your item from disappearing within 1/2 hour of your post.

I figured that out only for the last trial of my advert. I got it into "Writing" 4 hours ago and it is now in position 8 (not bad); but it is absolutely clear that a flood of stuff coming into Writing will also make it disappear fast.

So you have to manage your post as if it is a TV advertisement!

Here's what's really worrying. A person hoping to help grow a professional reputation (or even a reputation as an expert on topic X) via what he/she posts here at Steemit gets a degree of exposure that makes the content production cost totally unjustifiable despite the SBD payout (the latter usually being ridiculously low anyway).

 This is not a disaster, however, if you focus on the idea that Steemit is  

for social encounters and exchanges, or for professional chats where nobody expects what is said to be preserved and properly classified for easy future access.

I know, it's preserved on the block chain; but if you do not now it's there and no one brings it to your attention, do not hold your breath on the issue of your colleagues seeing your work unless they are logged in within 30 minutes after you post it!

I know, there is Google search (DuckDuckGo is just as good for finding obscure

stuff BTW, as long as the keyword phrase is simple); but here you have to pray your item will show up n the 1st 5 screens!