Are you a good non-English writer? Get paid good money to correct texts.

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Are you a good writer in one of these languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Hindi, Bengali? If so, please consider helping to correct short texts where you will receive a draft translation done by Google Translate.

You will be sent the English text and the draft translation into your language. Your task will be to correct the errors in the translation, so that you produce a good-quality text in your language.

Please tell me what you wish to be paid when you see the length and complexity of the text, and we will negotiate. You will start the job after we agree on the price. You will receive your pay when I receive the corrected translation, if the amount is small. For large amounts I will pay 50% in advance.

You will be paid in the cryptocurrency of your choice, although the negotiation would be done in terms of a fiat currency that you know well. I will deposit your payment to the cryptocurrency public address that you provide.

If you are interested, please click here and send me a message, and I thank you in advance.

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I can help in Spanish


Thanks gap2545. Please click on the link and send me a message, since we will negotiate and exchange documents outside of Steemit. Thanks in advance.

What a friend, I can help you in Spanish.


Thank you @romero22. I am getting help with Spanish from @gap2545, in Venezuela. However, when I have something rather large I will ask you to help. As I explained in my post, no one will be doing translations from English; rather you will be fixing problems in the machine translation done by Google Translate. So, thanks in advance and TTYL (English acronym: “talk to you later”)!


Thank you very much, I will be attentive.

Hi @lestatisticien, if it is for a good cause then I don't need to be paid for the work. I can help out with Chinese, and probably have friends interested in doing the Japanese and Korean parts.


Hello and BIG thanks @plushzilla! I must have daydreamed at least 10 times about having a good writer of Chinese to help me, and when you bring along friends for Japanese and Korean you have more than made my day!
Some jobs will be of no benefit to the community here at Steemit, while others might offer benefits, and so I will leave to you to decide from to job whether you need to charge me a fee.

The exchanges of materials and negotiations about the fee take place via the email address for my investment website, so kindly click here to get over to the contact page and send me your email address.

Also, just in case you or anyone else reading this message are an expert on smart token technology, I expect to be putting out another call for paid helpers probably this evening or in the morning. What I'm looking for here are two persons who are deeply expert on the topic to look at my text here [“Smart tokens — Making markets more liquid”]
( and tell me what needs to be fixed either in terms of correcting errors, or improving statements that are too easily misunderstood by the lay person. This text is written for the lay person, so I want the presentation of concepts to be simplified as much as feasible, while remaining reasonably accurate.

  I want to pay for this peer review service because I expect to construct a series of more technical articles founded on the assumption that I do understand  and can exposit the basics reasonably well.  For example, I have in my writing a piece with the following title “ What's the really smart thing inside SMT’s”?  Then I will follow with a similar piece on the Bancor BNT protocol token.


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