A little background on me

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First and foremost i do have a book out on amazon, go there and search "Albert Dunisch". That ebook is about my time using facebook (basically all my posts i once had there). I used facebook as a platform to help new musicians,comedians and actors be known plus respond to news articles using Youtube.

second, i do continue writing on storyfire. the site is made for you to put out your own made up stories. You can make them as real as you want or you can flat out make stuff up. I chose to be real until i feel more comfortable to make up fun stories. Check out this StoryFire! https://storyfire.app.link/eqBdyNDUdY

I also have a podcast where i talk about my every day life and things around me. i post those on rare occasions since i need to put some thought into them https://anchor.fm/The_Al_Show/episodes/Money-drugs-and-scams-e4jig2. I may have people join in on them if they are on my snapchat gfhfbgjtjhhhgdh is my username. cleaver, right?

I am an affiliate with clickbank and i find this site useful https://f23074xrsi4san4753joz62w25.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=UOA

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