Write What You See -Sarah E Waring

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In my last vlog I spoke a little about writing what you know. Even as a fiction writer, it is important to get to grips with that all-important subjectivity. Whether it is research or personal history, it enables you as a writer to have that relatability in your work.

This vlog is entitled 'write what you see' and in this, I'm taking you to one of my favourite places.

Enjoy and have a great day!


I love the view. I also enjoy going into nature to reconnect and recharge my batteries. I find it very healing and relaxing. The ocean is my favourite place but I live a good 7-hour drive from it so only go down once or twice a year.
The Magaliesburg mountain range is my second best place and driving through the mountian passes is just as good. Thank you for sharing this. Enjoy a lovely week.

Thank you lovely! I enjoy woodlands mostly, more than the ocean I believe. But maybe it would be different if I wasn't so close to the countryside. Now mountain ranges ... can certainly see the appeal. Unfortunately, they are a good drive away for me. Have a lovely week!