My favorite thought of Paulo Coelho is: "The essence of life is the ability to love."

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Paulo Coelho, one of the most respected writers in the world, has posted "important thoughts" on his blog that can help you keep your happiness alive and meet your longing desires. Get to know the "philosophy" of this world-famous Brazilian.

World famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.
Separate yourself from everything and you will become free.
"When I did not have anything to lose, I had everything."

We're all here for a reason.
"No matter what he does, every human being on earth plays a central role in history. Of course, he does not know. "
"Everyone has his creative potential and the moment you begin to express your creative potential, you can start to change the world."

The only thing that stands between you and your dreams is fear.
"Do not give in to fear. If you do, you will lose a bond with your heart. "
"There is only one thing that you will not be able to realize your dreams, and this is the fear of failure."

Errors are part of life.
"Everything tells me that I will make the wrong decision, and this is part of life. What does the world want from me? Does he want me to take no risk and go back to where I came from, because I did not have the courage to say 'yes' to life? "

The souls plan important meetings before the bodies meet.
"They plan very important meetings of the soul before the bodies meet. In general, this happens when we reach a certain limit when we first have to die in order to be emotionally reborn. "
"These meetings are waiting for us, but it often happens that we avoid them. If we are desperate, if we have nothing to lose or, on the contrary, if we are enthusiastic about life, then this is an unknown occurrence, and our universe is changing direction. "

Paulo Coelho knows that any experience, whether good or bad, brings his lesson.
"There are times when problems arise in our lives and we can not do anything. Problems arise for a reason. It is only when we overcome them that we understand why they have appeared. "

Paulo Coelho: Life is (too) short. Kissing slowly, laughing divorced, loving real and forgiving fast.
Do not look for love outside of yourself.
"You can not find love in anyone other than yourself: just wake it up. But to wake her up, we need another person. "

When you change, the whole world is changing with you.
"When we love, we try to be better than we have been before. When we try to be better, the world around us also becomes better. "

You do not need a reason for love.
"Someone is loved because he is loved. There is no higher reason here. "

Take care of yourself.
"Everyone has a clear opinion on how others should live, but they do not know how to live their lives."

When someone leaves, this is because another person can come.
"Nobody loses anyone because nobody owns anyone. This is the notion of freedom: when you have the most important thing in the world, you do not own it. "

Paulo Coelho says love is an unwaged force.
"When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to tame it, it tattles us. If we try to understand it, it makes us completely confused and lose ourselves. "

Where your heart is, you will find the greatest treasure.
"Remember, no matter where your heart is, you will find your treasure there."

Do not judge.
"We can never condemn the lives of others because each person knows his pain and denials. It's okay to feel that you're on the right track, but it's quite another thing to be sure that this path is the only right. "

Children can teach you a lot.
"A child can teach an adult three things: how to be happy without a reason, how to be always employed, and how to search for what you want with your whole being."

Appreciate the contradictions in life.
"Do not be embarrassed. Accept what your life offers and drink from every glass. All wines are to be tried; some will suffice, and in others, you will flush out the whole bottle - you will taste the taste of which wine is best suited to you. Good wine is only recognized when tasting badly. "

No one is responsible for how you feel or feel.
"Nobody can harm anyone in love; everyone is responsible for their feelings and nobody can blame anyone for feelings. "

Beliefs shape you into the person you are.
"You are what you believe you are."

Get rid of the need to clarify.
"Do not explain. Your friends do not need this, but the enemies will not believe you anyway. "

Paulo Coelho: The secret to life is to fall seven times to rise eight times.
Paulo Coelho believes that love can (can) change everything.
"Time and knowledge do not change a person, the only thing that can change him is love."

Do not confuse elegance for superficial things.
"Elegance is often confused with superficiality, fashion and lack of depth. This is a big mistake: people need the elegance of the procedure, hold on. Elegance is synonymous with good taste, kindness, balance and harmony. "

Work from your heart and critics will not be able to hurt you.
"I am writing from the soul. This is the reason why critics can not hurt me because I am it. If it were not for me to pretend to be someone else, critics would destroy the balance in my life, but I know,

who am I."

Every day brings a new miracle.
"If you look the same every day, it can blind you. Every day is different, it brings a new miracle every day. It only takes you to pay attention to the wonders. "

Enjoy your authenticity.
"You are special and at the same time want to be like others. I'm watching this as a serious illness. God made us different. Why disappoint him with such behavior? "
"Be a person for whom you never had the courage to be. Gradually discover that you are exactly this person, and until you clearly see it, you must work hard. "
"If you want to be successful, you have to respect only one rule - never to lie to yourself."

If you want something strong enough, all the creatures strive to fulfill your desire.

My favorite thought to me: "The essence of life is the ability to love."

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