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Write your name
Write with love letters
Write with the soul
Write in peace
Uses tenderness ink
Uses honey ink
Uses goodness ink
Uses humility ink
Write with the beauty of your interior
You inspira with your own self
Just write, don't stop
Think of flowers like you
Think of an angel like you
Think of a star like you
Just write your name
In the book of life
In the book of freedom
In the book of happiness
Loves and gives love
Loves without expecting anything in return
Because with giving love
You're happy now

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Writing is a form of therapy

Bonito poema.

Hola, buen poema, escribe tu nombre, ama sin esperar nada a cambio y ahora se feliz, esos versos me gustaron.

  ·  last year (edited)

Escribir, escribir… Cada día que vivimos es una página nueva en el libro de nuestra vida, ¿será que quede de ella algún recuerdo o se perderá en el tiempo porque no nos sentamos a guardar nuestros pasos en este sendero?

¡Este poema me ha inspirado!

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