This I Have To Write

in #write3 years ago

On this occasion I deliberately wanted to write an article that I just did not know what to give him about what the title, I wrote about what, for writing that I will write this. I have to write it, although I do not know what to give him about what the title.

Even I will not care, what will be this later writing this, I do not care, my job just finish it (the writing that I am write this). I also do not need a response or what kind of comments from all the who read my writing.

Indeed I do not know who you are who will read this paper, but I hope you do not regret after reading it, because there is not a problem that in my writing. I hope you guys are not disappointed.

I am I, Syukri Isa Bluka Teubai (@ripperdbl), literary enthusiast !!!

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