The world is just a dream

in #writelast year

like birds
If I could put on wings and fly
in the skies

like fish
If I had gills
If I could swim

If I could live in the seas

pouring in my eyes
like raindrops

formed on my face
like a rainbow

If I could smile

The world is just a dream
whoever is immersed
this dream

Maybe one day she will wake up

life is different
at a time

will appear

Mankind longs for
the poor of the thing

worldly love worldly
What will it bring to you?

The account of the hereafter is for you
It will bring a fluffy bill
Our life consists of installments and loans
We're addicted to this world


living has become difficult
The weight of the world is the weight of life
It fell into the hands of the exploiters

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