Stop Bustle

in #writelast year

There is a good thing about being late for some things, believe me. There's definitely the upside to gaining some experience late, knowing some people yet, witnessing only a few events, and not even seeing many similar things yet...
You want to pull over and breathe on the road you took too early, then you can't get enough of the breath you take and you can't get up from where you sit. You want to run away from all the people you know and all the events you have witnessed, then you start to think how far away you can stay.

You are close to the age of the poet who says half the way is worth, and you realize that even he can't keep up with the mathematics of life. You have a thousand and one burdens on your back, I don't know how many more years you work and dream of "away from everything in retirement". Even though you see everything so clearly, you persist in painting the circle on which you set your feet pink.


I don't know if I'm writing this for me or for you.
Close your eyes as much as you can, don't hear as much as you can't hear, shut up as much as you can, be a stranger as much as you can.
You are so happy that you do not bump into other passengers on this journey... Do not try to get on at the previous stop.

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