Rains of love enough to get wet with love

in #writelast year

Heart enough to love
Will see the truth, open eye,
The mind that will see the future,
A disinterested conscience left without a damaged heart,
It won't hurt anyone, I promise...

To look with clear eyes,
to light a candle in the dark,
Windows big enough to let the sun in,
Rains of love enough to get wet with love,
I wish wisdom that will beautify souls…

Nobility enough to know how to appreciate,
Being dignified and humble,
I wish you gentleness…

Enough to see the pain, lost,
So much to cry, wound,
Separation, to the point of being devastated or saddened,
The disloyal ones who will leave without saying goodbye,
I wish not to see...

get rid of poverty,
which is real poverty;
"Humanity Poor"
not to be,
to appreciate,
I wish existence, liveliness and unity…


just to love,
to look at the beautiful,
To everyone.

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