How to Resolve SD Card Write Protected

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  1. Using Memory SD Card Switch Protected / lock. When using Micro SD with SD Card Adapter will definitely find the switch / lock switch switch that will lock the Micro SD memory. By playing the protected / Lock switch function your techno friends can open the unprotected SD Card disk write protected

  2. Format Through Comand Promt / Comand Line / CMD.
    Open Windows Command Prompt (Windows + R, Type cmd)
    Check with Check Disk: Type CHKDSK / F Drive letter: (/ F is the location of sd card)
    Finish checking from Check Disk (CHKDSK), discard existing file on SD Card with Del drive letter command: F *. *
    If it still fails, try repeating the format with Format F:

  1. Format Through Disk Management.
    • Open Explore
    • Right Click on My Computer, Select manage
    • Select on Disk Management

*   Right click and format the SD Card drive

  1.  Ok done
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