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Technological developments in the last few decades have contributed greatly to the progress of human life. The ability to roam the internet makes a variety of information very easily accessible and the dissemination of knowledge is as if without limits. However, technology also contributes no less to the formation of an instrumental culture, where people prefer to do things in instant ways at various points of life, including scientific publications.

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Copy-paste is one of the instant culture products in the world of publications. A form of modern plagiarism that is increasingly endemic, especially in the academic world. For this reason, let us spend a few thoughts together to review the effective ways to avoid the plagiarism trap.
The important thing that writers should realize is that every paper, especially related to research and education, must be free from various elements of plagiarism. This is not only related to ethical and moral matters, but also with the future of science itself.

Plagiarism can be said as an act of copying or copying ideas or the results of other people's thoughts. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), plagiarism is defined as the taking of essays (opinions and so on) themselves, for example publishing other people's written wealth on their own behalf. The following are some things that can be categorized as plagiarism:

  • Take and acknowledge the writings or works of others and acknowledge them as their own works, including downloading works from the internet.

  • Take or use the results of other people's thoughts in your writing without including the source.

  • Manipulating other people's ideas or work so that it looks like your own work.

  • Paying for someone else's services to write something on your behalf.

Plagiarism can be divided into two types based on the intention of the culprit. There is what is called inventory plagiarism, which is accidentally plagiarized due to the writer's ignorance of applicable scientific writing standards. There is also deliberate plagiarism, which is plagiarism done intentionally to be published as his own work.

One effective way to avoid plagiarism is to expand your knowledge of writing techniques. "In some cases, someone may not intend to become plagiarism, but ignorance can trap you inadvendant plagiarism". For this reason, first study the standard writing rules that are generally standardized, or specifically referenced by the institution or institution where your writing will be published.

Avoiding plagiarism can be done by using a number of techniques, namely by using a scientifically prepared reference system and paraphrasing techniques. both of these techniques are important to know as a preventive step in avoiding plagiarism. While the testing step can be done by utilizing plagiarism hacking software technology. The following is a description of these techniques which are summarized from various sources:

Quotation reference technique

A citation reference technique is a direct citation technique by making an exact copy of the source without any additions in any form. In Indonesia, the system commonly used is the system of records and direct systems.

System of notes
In the system of notes, the reference identity, author's name, year and page are not displayed directly, but using small numbers (superscript) written in the upper right corner at the end of the quote sentence. These numbers will refer to footnotes placed at the bottom of the page.

Direct system
In the direct system, the reference identity, author's name, year and page are displayed directly at the end of the quote sentence. The general rules are as follows:

  • Quotes which are up to 4 lines long must be written as is and integrated into the exposure text using quotation marks ("...") with double spaced line spacing. Whereas citations whose length is more than 4 lines, the distance of the quote line is one space.

  • Include a reference source at the beginning or end of the citation, including the author's name, year of publication, and source page, for example: (author, 2014: 100)

  • Quotations in foreign languages, written in italics or italic.

  • If there is a beginning or middle sentence that is omitted, replace the part with a dot three times, while at the end the dot is written four times.


Paraphrasing is the re-expression of a writing in the form of a new arrangement without intending to change the original meaning. Paraphrasing is often also referred to as an indirect quote. The steps that can be taken in paraphrasing are reading the information carefully, taking notes on the core sentences, then developing them into points of thought outlined in your own language.

Plagiarism Hacker Software

If writers have tried to avoid the practice of plagiarism by following the standards of scientific writing, the examiners must also take a role in combating this. Advances in internet technology, database technology and machine learning can also be powerful ways to avoid the plagiarism trap. The reviewer can do a self-examination or self-assessment using the help of a plagiarism hacking software that can be downloaded for free or paid. As for some of the software including Copyscape, VIPER, Turn It In, Plagiarism Checker, Articlehecker, Plagiarism Detect, Safeassign. The programs in the software are able to help the testers to check and compare the data that is on the hard disk or on the internet and classifies which ones are plagiarism and which ones are not. This program also gives a percentage of similarity of a document or file.

Hopefully useful for all who read this paper.


They are good tools to fight plagiarism, I usually use one in my publications to ensure that my writings are original and unique. I think creative writing is the best way to produce interesting Co contents. I say it conscientiously because at these precise moments I am studying u. Writers workshop with an important theater director from my country, and they educate us on this.

Writers workshop with an important theater director from my country, and they educate us on this.

Yeah. Grateful to have a teacher who can teach you friend.

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