Bachelor of Early Childhood

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Bachelor of Early Childhood


O my beloved son.
Currently your mom's scholar is very meaningful to us in this unique little family.
Jobs sometimes insult a scholar with work experience.
What kind of rules must have conditions that are beyond logic.

Undergraduate unemployment is not a problem for me the mother of a beautiful child.
there is still a lot of homework that is unpaid and unable to be appreciated with money.
Very valuable to be a mother who is able to work in all fields.
Still do not believe, please men replace women's duties in homework.


So appreciate the woman as the king of glorious heart, light hand, without complaint.
Not like the memes that come up all this time.
Eyebrows in thick-braided
lips in red-red.

Ahhh care about the circumstances out there that make the reputation of women so low.
Right now I am working on the #Steemit platform. Calculate this work can still be done without having to leave the house.
Just stay praying get sustenance votes are abundant from good steemian heart.

so long ago stories of housewives.
happy greeting for all.


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