Morning Devotional Mountains

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It's a beautiful natural scenery, in the mountainous regions that have high, big and blue mountains. Mountain trails have a flowing river, the water is clear and fresh.
There are many rice fields in the mountains. The rice fields are planted with rice which is now yellowing and almost harvested. Besides the rice fields, there are also many garden gardens planted with tea and tobacco.
On the roadside, many trees are planted, like pine trees, which function as water absorption during the rainy season
In the morning the air in the mountain area is very cold. The airport there is still clean and fresh. Because it has not been mixed with pollution. Soils and fog still cover the green leaves. The sound of birds singing is very beautiful
When the sun began to appear, all residents in the mountainous area began to carry out activities, some went to the fields, harvested tea in the tea garden, washed clothes in the river and others. Activities such activities were already familiar in the mountains.
And when the sun begins to set all the activities of the mountainous population is finished. The color of the bright sky turns yellow. But the natural beauty of the mountainous region is still visible. The beautiful natural scenery, which is the greatness of Allah SWT and we must be grateful for His blessings in the form of beautiful natural scenery , and must maintain and preserve it.

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Amen! May God bless!
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