WPAP is the style name. The initiator of this style is Wedha Abdul Rasyid. he is from Indonesia.steemCreated with Sketch.

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This image is WPAP as usual. I am currently at the learning stage.
The colors are so beautiful and charming and attract my attention to trying to make the WPAP style arguably this is Pop Art.
In Indonesia, many WPAP styles have emerged and become a trend of young people too.
maybe because the color of the color triggers the beauty of the WPAP version.
WPAP can be applied to subjects even objects, such as historical buildings, monuments, even landscapes.

I think WPAP is very broad in its application, very beautiful and satisfied when it can finish our work.
sometime study WPAP come to Indonesia meet the teacher then ask for knowledge.
very pleasant to be in Indonesia to study WPAP.
although initially it was very difficult and needed a very long process but when we succeeded it all paid for the effort we took.

what do you think about this WPAP? let me know in the comments column, I will be happy to answer the questions in the comments column below.
After I produced WPAP, then I looked at it and I enjoyed it.
Then I thought I would like to combine with my sketch of a hand stroke.
Finally I did and here are the results.
I never stopped counting how many scratches and colors were immeasurable.
It's like worrying to do countless scratches but I enjoy it.
Because I enjoy it, it's beautiful to see colorful colors.
bringing my eyes into the beauty of mixed colors to blend into works that can be enjoyed by audiences.

what do you think about this Art? let me know in the comments column, I will be happy to answer the questions in the comments column below.
Sketch of my original work
this is a sketch initially, sorry to joke :)
of course I did not use this sketch, but I did a photo trace.
IMG_20180827_211511 - Copy.jpg
this is the photo I mean.
as a basis for tracing.
then you will ask how can a photo like that become WPAP?
I answer: WPAP is a long process.
I am not a teacher, but amateurs.
Maybe there should be an explanation by the teacher, of course not me.

my advice is to learn the WPAP style don't be afraid of failing, just try it later you will know the process and determine whether this is suitable for you or not.
Original Photo
images (5).jpeg


It would be more interesting to me to look at the stages)) I draw with my hands and are not used to digital ones))

so I should also document the steps, certainly brilliant and not thought of by me, thank you very much.
maybe on the other hand I will do your advice.
At first I was also not used to using digital, more comfortable using hand scratches than directly on digital.