I didn't like Battle for Azeroth

in wow •  6 months ago


I have been playing wow for a month now , their new expansion called Battle for Azeroth is complete garbage , it is quite boring nothing new its all copy of Legion it is slow and dull and there is no battle with Alliance at all it is same classic WoW slavery do your quests do your dungeons and there is nothing to do it doesn't even feel like playing MMORPG anymore.

I really think big game studios need to do proper stuff instead of doing the safe and non risk stuff doing over and over again same games same mechanics as always , To be honest nothing is changing in gaming industry its probably better to play single player games instead of wasting time with this complete garbage.

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Back to black desert? :D


Nah I'm not going to play mmorpg genre going to jump in to next hype train like fortnite and stream probably :D

great article