Would You Rather: Have A Perfect Mind or A Perfect Body?

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Have you ever answered all the correct questions in your class when asked by your teacher and felt like a total badass? Have you ever completed a 100 metre race so much faster than your other friends, that you felt like a superhero?

Me neither! But it is fun to imagine what that would feel like, wouldn’t it? Be it the gift of mental faculties or physical, it would be really awesome to perform at an enhanced level. And if you’re one of the lucky few who can do both, go away! I’m kidding. Please don’t go!

Anyways, today I bring to you another dilemma in the form of a difficult question. Say, a magic genie appeared in front of you and says that if could grant you either a perfect mind or a perfect body, which one would you choose?

The Perfect Mind


By a perfect mind, I am imagining something even more powerful than Einstein. So, your IQ would be so high that pretty much everyone else would seem hyper dumb to you. Some people may get a kick out of this and I’m not judging.

Having the perfect mind would also mean perfect memory, so you’d be able to recall even the tiniest details with ease. Also, you would literally become a human calculator and would never have to struggle multiplying 2 digit numbers together, like I do.

These are just tip of the iceberg considering all that you would be able to do in the field of science. You could advance so many different fields centuries into the future and invent so much stuff that could improve the lives of billions on the planet.

This would bring you money, recognition and more importantly, you’ll be able to make a difference in the world. Now that, sounds like a winning combination to me!

The Perfect Body


If you’ve ever been sick for two straight months where you were shivering with cold each day, vomiting regularly with aches all over your body, you would know the value of a perfect body. (That may or may not have happened to me)

Having a perfect body would mean no more diseases, an awesome physique without having to step into a gym, being able to eat all that you can without ever gaining weight, handsomeness/beauty and a stamina that could make your life very adventurous (if you know what I mean).

All these would make you a frequent Olympic champion and you would win gold medals in the dozens, pretty much like Michael Phelps. Come to think of it, he might have been granted this wish already by our magic genie.

So, money and fame would be possible for you with a perfect body as well. I am not sure if you’d be able to make world changing differences however.

What Would I Do?


I would have to go with the perfect mind. If you have been following my blogs, you probably know that I am obsessed with science and technology and what they will enable us to do in the future.

I would love to be a part of the process of that change and with a perfect mind, I could probably make possible year 2200 in year 2020. Who wouldn’t want to make such a huge difference to humanity?

Plus, I would have Sherlock Holmes like capabilities and if you’ve watched the movies starring Robert Downey Jr. or the TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch, you know how awesome it is to be Sherlock freaking Holmes!

Also, having an average body would be no concern of mine since I already have one and have no motivation whatsoever to step into a gym or get a magic genie to wish for one, for that matter.


What would you do? Tell me in the comments down below and after everyone's done commenting, I will tally up how many of you want each and post the numbers here.

Also, I will reward the best comment with 10 STEEM. So, be creative. :)

UPDATE: Seems like most of the people here would go for a perfect mind, which is what I would prefer as well! :)

The winner of the 10 STEEM is @looftee Thanks for your very nice comment :)


I can't help but choose the perfect mind, the potential is still too highly underestimated. Namaste :)

I would have a perfect mind rather than a perfect body, Reason being I believe the mind over body concept. Everything we do, like eating , exercising, talking etc. Is controlled by our mind. So I f I have a perfect mind, I could figure out how I could make a perfect body without working out a lot. So the perfect body concept would be avhieved by perfect mind easily. You already have given the example of Sherlock holmes, Which I would have given.
Another and more powerful example is limitless, which could support my theory of achieving the perfect body by perfect mind.
Hell, I could do Angthing, Body is a very small thing to achieve then.

Well done. I agree completely. Having a perfect mind would solve the perfect body riddle as showed in Limitless movie. :)

Both of the movies as well as series are one of my favourite, if I haven't seen the breaking Bad series, I would love to say Sherlock holmes series is my Favourite, but walter white took the position, and mostly because of his cleverness, wickedness and intelligency or anything else on that series.
And I think that could be the uppermost level of Mind anybody could achieve or want to achieve in this world.

Agreed. Really, all it takes to build a great body is ambition and willpower. Strong willpower would definitely be part of a perfect mind. The question is whether the ambition would ever really be there to achieve the perfect body, would we care? Probably not.

The perfect mind would prioritize "rightly", placing the things that really do matter above the superficial. That said, we'd likely put a lot of effort into eating healthy foods, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep to maintain psychological and physiological health.

Well I disagree with you a little bit, you see, The perfect mind would not prioritize a perfect body, but would be able to achieve it. If a perfect minded person could not achieve a perfect body without doing any effort, that would be flaw in perfect minded person, And it would not be perfect anymore.

Maybe. The fact of the matter is that actual perfection doesn't exist in anything, except in our minds as a concept -- the definition of perfection is subjective and our ideas about how "high" we can reach (with our bodies, minds, technology, knowledge, etc.), and what exactly constitutes reaching perfection, are always going to be limited by the scope of our imaginations and prior experiences.

In my mind, the perfect mind makes the most efficient and positive use of energy at its disposal, but for what? I don't know, because I haven't the slightest clue what the purpose of life is, if a purpose even exists at all.

Many religions teach that the perfect use of energy is to be selfless and compassionate towards others, but for all I know, the opposite might be true. Is there any such thing as "progress" in this world, besides the superficial progress of fortifying our psyches or social status? I don't know and I'm not convinced that there's any way to ever find an answer to that question.

I am Blown away by your answer. Every word is damn true.

We have the opposite in the world - selfishness and indifference/cruelty - is this the perfect use of energy? Yes, for destruction of mankind and our planet.

I agree, but what difference does the destruction of mankind or earth make to our solar system? Galaxy? Universe?

Maybe our removal is healthy for the "planetary ecosystem". What's good for us as a species may not be the "greater good".

There seems to be a competition for most comments.

We won't need our bodies if you go far enough into the future, we will replace all organs and our entire body with robotic prosthetics , which will just be way more powerful than our old human bodies, but our mind will remain.
With these types of bodies will we get better with age rather then worse (via new updates to the body) and then we will be immortal !

Haha! I know right! :D

Gotta love Will Ferrell. His gifs are some of the funniest.

Not only the bodies but the minds could be changed too. We are already talking about merging the mind with AI. Elon Musk has laid out his plans even with the neural lace.

But my question was a hypothetical one. So, it would have been nice to receive an answer accordingly. :)

The perfect mind. The perfect mind requires an above average body to support it, or it is not perfect. There is no point in having a 300 IQ if you have migraines and can't do anything with it.

That is correct. But hypothetically, what would you prefer?

The perfect mind, for the same reason stated.

That's cool. I would want the same. :)

Would not choose the imperfect mind as making a choose in not within freedom as with freedom there is no choice and that is my so called choice to think towards with my oxy-moron-ic answer since neither my mind or my body exist it ultimately does not matter (of which matter doesn't exist either)... ...therefore I am not sure if this is an answer that I really have or exists so I will just leave this here as a potential thought.

So, you would choose a perfect mind, then?

perfect mind all the way! just think lucy! imagine how cool. one day I can be the perfect man dude body, another day the perfect woman body, and sometimes the perfect invisibody! not to mention... no one mess with you no mo! lol

Oh man, she was so impressive in the movie. I was really amazed by the concept of this movie. It is said that the mind has amazing capabilities and we have barely scratched the surface. I mean look at all the cool stuff Buddhist monks are able to do just because they have control over their minds.

It's mind over matter for me. Now what matter is that?

Glad to know!! :)

What a dichotomy in this world of duality. Even Shakespeare's Hamlet pondered, "To Be or Not To Be."

If given the choice, I would favor the perfect mind. In today's technological world, I could --- with a perfect mind --- choose the optimal path towards maintaining good health which could benefit other physical attributes.

While I still favor "the perfect mind" we do live in a material reality as well. There is an old expression , "rich or poor it's nice to have money." Hmm, where is that genie when you need one? ... Still, it's the power of the mind in control!

Yes, you are right. A perfect mind could find ways to derive perfect health as well.

If you check out some videos of the minecon conventions you will get a feel of what mind over body future holds.

a perfect mind is god's gift but one can attain perfect body by hard work. Hence a perfect mind will be the right choice as my mind will tell me if I need a perfect body or if I will be able to get girls without the perfect body.

Perfect mind, for sure. I've always had a perfectly fine brain in my head and I was always very happy with it. I got it from my mother :-)

After having gone through a burnout, I realise even more how important your mind is. It is very, very frustrating when it won't work the way you're used to. I value my mind very much and would never change it to have a better body or to have better looks.

I just care less about a perfect body. Sure, looking beautiful without having do do anything would be nice, but any love would be a superficial one. No thanks.

(And I hate sports anyway...)

Yeah, the mind is really the most valuable gift that he have, don't we? It would be so awesome if we could enhance its abilities further :)

I would rather have a perfect mind. The reason being with a perfect mind, you will have a perfect body; because you will be at piece with yourself. with a perfect mind, your body becomes perfect. You will understand who you are is who you were suppose to be. "the universe is mental, the mind is all" Unknown author

I love that answer :)

The perfect mind of course. Bodies deteriorate faster than the mind. However I would not consider Einstein a perfect mind. He was smart but screwed up psychologically. A perfect mind would be in tune with the spiritual. Actually a perfect spirit would be my first preference. i tend to think you keep your mind when you die unlike your body.

That's correct. Mind works pretty well even after we start to age, so we would be able to contribute more to the society even in an old age.

Just to be able to join in the discussion, I want none of the choices.
I am not handsome, not brilliant. Just human. A lot of what I try to do, such a putting this post into readable words, can be difficult at times.
But, I like who I am. Almost a normal human being. Humans are prone to fail at times. Since no one looks at me and expects supernatural things. Hopefully I can survive and maybe even flourish.
I know. I didn't answer your question. Just throw me out if you wish.

Think of it this way #francisk, you are already successful and have won the greatest prize ever.
Of the millions of sperm racing to find the egg you are the one that succeeded!
You are the one that came into being and, one winner to another, I am glad you did!

Thank you for your kind comments.

The genie respects your decision :)

perfect mind for sure!!.. If i have a perfect mind i can think better how to build up my body!!

That would be the wise way to go about it :)

If I get to choose what perfect mind means, I'd take take the perfect mind 1 trillion times over.

A mind that is free from fear, has no conflicts -- that is where I want to live, forever and ever. I don't care if I have to look like Golem to get there!

Yeah, a mind at peace should be the ultimate goal for us. Unfortunately 99.99999% of the people are not at peace.

I really enjoyed this post and question. I would choose a perfect mind with a more refined definition. This would include not just a high IQ or mind similar to or greater than an Einstein but a balanced and well rounded mind. Most geniuses are prone to antisocial behavior, have a form of Asperger and have problems fitting into society. If your perfect mind model includes a good personality, well adjusted and gets along with other people sign me up! Also would like to add to the mix grit, fortitude and ability to weather challenging life circumstances and experiences. Because even if you have a perfect mind we don't live in a perfect society as humans haven't evolved along those lines yet. If these attributes are part of the perfect mind scenario than it would be my choice over a perfect body. Thank you posing such an interesting question.

Thank you for that wonderful comment. Since it's a hypothetical question, you can assume any number of things you want. :)

Thank you for the clarification. Are you going to post your own answer to your question? It would be really interesting to read your pick and reasoning for it.

In fact, I included it in the post under the title "What would I do?" Didn't you see that?

Oh nice! Sorry I didn't see it. Will go look for it now. Thanks!

I think I'd have to choose mind. I don't know how much good my perfect body would do for the world but perhaps with s perfect mind I could solve some of human's biggest problems. Like how to get the kardashians off of my tv and internet.

That is exactly what I would have wanted to do as well. So much good could be done for the world with a perfect mind. Now to just look for that damn genie. lol

if u ask me ill go for both. But currently i dont have even one. nice post btw following you from a long time. only u are still active others left a long time ago.

No, you have to choose just one ;)
Thanks for the continuous support :)

Exactly with perfect mind

Grognak goes with BODY! Mind is used to drive Grognak to Gym. Arrggghhhh!

What do you mean by "perfect mind" ? Do you have a definition for perfect.. free of faults? Are you sure "perfect" and "mind" can be used together ;) Just a thought.

It's a hypothetical question so, you can assume any number of things. Just keep it simple though ;)

Stephen Hawking comes to mind.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a body.
I don't think Arnold would trade places with Stephen. I do think Stephen would trade places with Arnold.
So with this example, I would go with body. I would rather be oblivious to my misery than aware of it.

Arnold's Schwarzenegger's body would be so awesome to have, wouldn't it?

Well, not for me. But maybe for Stephen.
Take care, God bless.

Having a perfect memory sounds amazing... but it could also be pretty scary. Imagine if something terrible happened, and you remember every single detail, over and over. I'm usually a pretty optimistic person, but maybe I'm just thinking about the BlackMirror episode I recently watched about having perfect memories. Have you seen it?

Yes, there are always drawbacks to any abilities and with perfect memory, the real life nightmares would always be there for you but looking at the good sides, I guess, it wouldn't be so bad.

No, I haven't checked it out but it looks cool though.

In my youth I have had both. An above average body and above average mind.
Now that I am knocking on the door of 70 my mind is better than ever so I would have to go with the body!
As they say, "The mind is willing, but the body is weak."

I agree completely! As the various systems in the body lose their capacity, you yearn for a full body transplant. Losing health is harsher than losing mental capacity!

You are lucky to have above average body and mind. Most people today don't have even an average mind. Just look at the state of the world today.
Anyways, yes, mind deteriorates slower than the body so that would be a perfect choice.

there is always something new to learn:)

Yeah, there is, and isn't it exciting? :)

Hard to say, but if i had a perfect m ind would i not have a mastery over matter? I could therefore get the flabby body in shape as i would be perfectly disciplined?

I hadn't considered the possibility of any such capabilities. I was more considering the "normal" enhancements that a perfect mind would bring.

Perfect mind is my Choice,Inner peace is the result of a perfect Mind.

Exactly. I'm assuming that there have been many cases of people with great bodies who've been plagued with depression/ stress for most or all of their lives, or have even committed suicide.

You would never get any cases of this with a perfectly harmonious "mind environment".

i Still remember Robin Williams.Very funny guy who makes every one happy, but sick within.

Yes, it's very sad when people who try to do good and make positive are stricken with health problems, physical or mental.

There are many great men and women who live a life full of suffering. When their time comes, may they finally rest in peace.

Amen and Amen!!!

Yeah, his death was really sad. A big loss for the world.

Peace is only what matters. :)

A perfect body, my mind is already perfect, lol .... ;-)

LOL, Go solve the world's problems then man! ;)

If I had to choose, I would choose the perfect mind because with it I would go through every detail of what happened in history and observe the errors consensually in such a way as to be able to create an alternate social organism to which each person could enter and connect and of the same Way to go through their pop details and in collaboration we would create the most unsuspected things that my still imperfect mind can not imagine.


I would try to create a utopian society as well. :)

Perfect mind for sure, as basically you can anyways acheive perfect body with a perfect mind. And to make the max out of your perfect body, you still need to have a perfect mind. ;)

That is perfectly said. I agree 100% :)

I choose neither. Someone used the movie "Lucy" as an example, but observe what happened to her. She evolved so far she was no longer truly human and the human race became totally alien to her. How would I have relationships with normal people if i was so far beyond them we had no common interests? Though advancing so far you could move on from our plane of existence sounds nice it would surely be lonely, though you might not care if you ceased to have human emotions.
A perfect body would be not much better as to relationships as it would mean if not immortality, then at least extreme longevity, and again you stay younger while family and friends live and die and leave you behind.
I'll take the hand I've been dealt and try to do the best I can with what I have.

Well, each to his own, right? :)

A perfect body means the same thing to most people, a perfect mind means different things to most people.

Therefore, perfect mind it is?

A prefect mind is always in perfect body if you have perfect body you definitely have perfect mind.

Hypothetically speaking though, what would you choose if you could choose only one?

I think you can have both it's just a matter of how do you manage your time.
But generally we are more reflecting or acting depend of the kind of period we living. Nice post I upvote you :)

Follow me I always follow back! :)

Thank you for that wonderful comment! :)

I would rather choose to have a perfect mind so I could help to speed up the progress of humanity, and it's more difficult to improve your mind than your body.

I would do exactly the same with a perfect mine - speed up the human progress. I think great minds think alike ;)

I'm Happy you have the same opinion as me.

Nah, you have to choose one :P

I don't believe in perfection, it's a moving goalpost

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