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How it works

1. You read my "would you rather". You will be presented with two choices in the comments: 🔴 and 🔵

2. You will then upvote either 🔴 or 🔵 at a 100% as your answer! Leave a comment explaining your choice.

3. There will be 10SBD prize money set aside that will be split with all upvoters. The majority % of voters (either blue or red) will claim the SBD prize divided by the number of voters.

I will improve the game in the future, but this is a good start, I think 🤔 😎👍 This is one of the games that I and @derangedvisions will soon be hosting for you guys frequently through our new initiative that will be unveiled in the coming days! Your upvote will go a long way to help even more people onboard steemit and engage with fun little things like this game here, as well as projects like @pifc, slotto by @roundbeargames and numerous others. Thanks for playing and thanks for the support everyone!

⚠️warning: all content is for entertainment only!⚠️

💲Now let's play!💲


🔴 Have a baby's face (literally) for the rest of your life but have the most beautiful voice in the world...


🔵 Have your normal face but sound so annoying that people literally run away from you...

Why? 😂



▒▒▓█▇▅▂ (>‿◠)✌️▂▅▇█▓▒▒


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I am somewhat introverted so the people I really feel comfortable talking to are those people close to me. I believe those people won't mind how scary and terrifying my voice will be, so my choice is blue :)

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Pro: Having a normal face
I have to look in the mirror to shave.
You know... First impressions when meeting someone...
When I talk to myself, it's my inner voice and not at all what I sound like when I listen to a recording of myself.
I interact a lot more with people through the Internet, than I do in real life.


I already have an annoying voice, so this is the obvious answer for me!


Looking like a baby forever is creepy and I don't want to talk to most people anyway, so it kinda works out.


Lol! That was a fun answer lol I agree if I could vote also :D


When I was child always I think how sweet if I am a man then I can found this or I can do this easily, and after 33 years it's my age I want to be a child again haha so weird but lovely feelings 😍


I would rather have a normal face because if I had a face of a baby, I would be famous for being a big tattooed guy with a little tiny baby face and everyone would bother me.

If I looked like a normal person, at least I could learn sign language to communicate with people. If I got around people that I didn't want around me, I would just talk in my annoying voice until they left.


Not because blue is my favorite color...just because I could use some quiet more often. I'm happy with my face but annoyed of my own voice...so nothing much would change about that besides the running of course..lol


I would rather be original than faking although I might be annoying to someone, but originality counts a lot. The people who understands will mingle and those who doesn't may go away ;).


I would rather have my normal face, it ain’t that bad 😅 and have an annoying voice I just might end up ‘dubbing’ animes as a job 😂

🔴 vote red!


Well red it is

Cuteness gets worked out in most of the cases and as for the voice it would be a additional point ;)


I love to talk to people and it would make me feel bad, if not depressingly sad, if and when people ran away from me because of a horrible voice.

Having a baby face is not at all bad, in fact it would spare me of all the collagen and botox. Lol. So I guess it is a small price to pay for other people loving to hear me talk, or sing.


a normal face it is.
I would love to be silent rather than have a baby forever.
oh my... it's pinching me thinking of having baby face forever.
it was my dream as when i was a baby to be adult soon and change the face.
So i don't wanna go to baby again.


hahaha I dont wanna have a baby face..
Its ok to have a normal face and if people wanna run let them run from the voice :D

I rather have a sweet voice and keep a baby face...
You don't know how many beautiful ladies a ready to pay for a VIP just to hear JOHN LEGEND sing


Haha 😂 Nailed it!

I'd rather have my normal face, because having a baby face would be weird having a sculptural body like mine, and having a baby face.
And as for my voice, it doesn't matter, I would sign! And then I wouldn't scare anyone and give little kisses, 1 kiss for No, 2 kisses for Yes!