Wizards of the Coast Bans Another Magic The Gathering YouTuber

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Wizards of the Coast is deliberately doing everything they can to divide the Magic The Gathering community. Today, I learned that Wizards of the Coast banned another great Magic The Gathering YouTuber due to his name being "Magic Aids." This is just another reason why I have stopped being involved with the MTG community.

Magic Aids is a great YouTuber in the MTG community, he should be praised for his deck building tutorials as he puts a lot of work in his deck building content. When I was getting back into playing online, I watched a plethora of his videos to help me understand the new meta and to see him get treated this way is just disgusting.

I have to give him props for not bending over and letting Wizards fuck him around. He stood his ground and made a rebuttal video about how he has been treated. I have to give this man props for his outlook on this entire situation. He made a really great point about how if Wizards of the Coast can ban players for their username, then they should take a really hard look at their company in the mirror. The word "Wizard" is a term used in the KKK, which I had no idea about until I watched his video. I think it's funny that they can point fingers at their player base for the names they choose, which are not degrading, meanwhile, Wizards sees no issue with them using the word "Wizards" in their name.

Anyways, I thought I'd share this here in hopes of helping spread the word. This guy deserves some love and support, go check his channel out and give em a like and his video a thumbs up.

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Oh... My... F*cking... GOD dude. Not only is this guys Youtuber editing style AWESOME, he’s absolutely hilarious. A shame he got silenced by WOTC, obviously short-sighted on their part.