Daily Steem's Communities Aggregate - Sat, 19 Aug 2023

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Books! (Wikimedia)

Based on the last seven days blockchain's input (just about 14355 discussions/3149 posters and 37616 answers/1054 posters), we drew some aggregate of Steem's Communities drama as below.

Thriving Communities

Groups that are prospering.

CommunitySubscribersPending RewardsActive PostersWeekly Posts
Abang's photo of the joy of
$INSR - Insurabler Insured Fun
Brace yourselves
Check my latest fight ! servelle vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! gijoge vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! servelle vs The Goverment
The Orange Robin
Bitcoin price 14-8-2023
The Careful Martian
WORLD OF XPILAR22,919$1,862245254
Photo of the week #143 | contest post | The Ship
The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #137 - 14STEEM in prizes! - Submissions post
Gotong royong
Bersantai di Cafe Teluk Mandale
Toko olahraga
Golden Hour Photography - Week 2 | Daily Photography Challenge | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Moment-Of-The-Day (02) | Daily Photography Challenge | Capture, Click, Compete!"
CCS Moment-Of-The-Day Photography Challenge Results 12/08/23
Hindwhale Community1,225$1,762264191
Steemit Engagement Challenge S11/W4 | " How is democracy functioning in your country?."
Applications for Steem Representatives 2023
Weekly Contest 05 || The Diary Game || Share how you spent your day.
Steem Kids & Parents6,152$2,129314178
SEC | S11W4-""""more freedom""""
SEC | S11W4- More freedom
My Pictures, My Memories Contest WK #17My Picture Album Is Safe With Steem.
Invoker's Ghost Walk is The Most Broken Ability in New Patch
AC Origins Gameplay Part 13 - Defending Phanos. Accidental Philosopher Weapon Upgrade|Tekraze Gaming
Coincidences 3 and 4: Is Donald Trump the Moonchild?
Tron Fan Club2,383$59736167
About NFT Token taking the blockchain by storm.
NFT-ART : Art of a lion
Result of TRX Staking Friday Initiative – 63 | Year 2023 | Week 32 | Stake This Week: 456 TRX | Participants: 09
Newcomers' Community36,889$53223147
Achievement 1 : Hello Steemian
Achivement-1 This is my first post by @grambangla
Achivement-1 The fist post by @mdabdulhannan
Steem For Bangladesh1,557$36791137
Contest - If you were the only human among aliens, what would you do?
If you were the only human among aliens, what would you do?
Celebrating my second wedding anniversary.
CONTEST: Tell us about your breakfast for life?
S4B-contest: Which is your favorite club?
Contest Alert ️ | Famous tourist place of your country
Project HOPE9,731$31560133
What is Bitcoin Forks?
What is the meaning of Unverified Security Practices in P2E
SPS Accumulation and Delegation
Steemit Iron Chef3,433$1,416205132
Steemit Engagement Challenge S11-W4- Un Gorro para Steemit-ironchef // Steemit Engagement Challenge S11-W4- A Hat for Steemit-ironchef
Steemit engagement challange S11W4:A Hat for Steemit Iron Chef @waqarrubab
Steemit Engagement challenge season 11 week 4||making hat for steemit iron chefs ||
Beauty of Creativity9,236$69872123
Photography of a yellow rose flower. 10% beneficiary for boc
Small fruit in the forest || 10% to @beautycreativity
10% to beautycreativity | yellow flower
Meme fair ERC-2046$3578121
Problems example
Travel Preparation
Head of Department Room

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