WorldWildFlora Daily Contest - Guess the plant - #18

Our daily contest Guess the plant #17 has a winner. Congratulations to @jmjolivet who recognised Physalis alkekengi or the Chinese lantern.

Now it's time for #18 and a new plant.


  1. Upvote and resteem the contest post.
  2. Comment with the plant's name - both Latin and English or local.

Feeling blue? 🙂


The winner will be listed in tomorrow contest post. Good luck everybody!

Also, don't forget about our weekly contest. Learning can be fun and profitable. 🙂

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I propose Myosotis sylvatica, the wood forget-me-not or woodland forget-me-not, in the family Boraginaceae, Myosotis des bois in French
Have a good day

This is correct. 100% upvote. Congratulations!

Thanks. Have a good day

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