WorldWildFlora Daily Contest - Guess the plant - #14

Hello dear wilderness lovers!

Our daily contest Guess the plant #13 has no winner. The plant we listed is Platycladus orientalis also known as thuja. Its previous scientific name was Thuja orientalis.

Now it's time for #14 and a new plant.


  1. Upvote and resteem the contest post.
  2. Comment with the plant's name - both Latin and English or local.

Purple and delicate.


The winner will be listed in tomorrow contest post. Good luck everybody!

Also, don't forget about our weekly contest. Learning can be fun and profitable. 🙂

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I propose Knautia arvensis, commonly known as field scabious, Scabieuse des champs in french
Have a good day

This is correct. 100% upvote. Congratulations!

Thanks. I try a lot :)

it is pincushions!!

Thank you for your comment. However, in order to validate your answer, we will need the Latin name of the plant as well. You can try the next round. 🙂

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