Termites Worldwide Cypher Jam. Round 27

in #worldwidecypherjam2 years ago (edited)

Ive been watching Termites Worldwide Cypher Jam for a while, so its time I joined in! I have not rapped in a while but here goes! Thankyou @termitemusic for the contest! Bless you!



what in the world

wow! So that was nice of you! voting your own shit comment and not voting my post! twat!

Nice one Bsusushba!! Violence is a method of oppression!! Sick man!!

Thanks! thought I would give it a go. I am no @scribblingwilly however! the line is glorifying violence is a method of oppression, although violence is definitely a method on its own!

ah sorry man, my bad, yeah the way that line flowed was sick, and its the truth too
I appreicate it though man , hope to see more from you over the coming weeks, you got real talent and i can see you winnin if you keep at it!

Yes Bishop in the house!!! RESPECT!!! Welcome to the jam!!!!
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Thanks for the beat @termitemusic

Thanks for painting on the canvas bruv!!!!

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Hi, @bsusushba
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